Pontiac Vibe Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2009 Pontiac Vibe GT automatic 1/4 mile
Recorded at Pont Rouge Dragway 2009 sept 13 This is not my best 1/4 time but it's close !!! All start on semi-wet tire because i don't heat my tire before my run .

mustang gt vs pontiac vibe
Vibe is turbocharged n still gets raped.

mustang gt vs pontiac vibe pt.2
Pontiac vibe was turbocharged and still got raped by my friends gt. N dat was not da owner of the gt driving. Dat was another friend.

Pontiac Vibe GT cat delete
Pontiac Vibe GT cat delete.

1.8 pontiac vibe at the Dragstrip

Pontiac VibeGT (Toyota Voltz-z)
Pontiac Vibe Gt MDRA Malta 1/4 mile Drag Racing.

VIBE 1.8 GT 2003 VS VIBE 2.4 GT 2009
St-eustache mercredi le 11 juillet 1/8 mile cam inside vibe GT 2003 2ZZ-GE K&N intake Magnaflow cat-back Cat delete VS Vibe gt 2009 2AZ-FE.

Pontiac VibeGT (Toyota Voltz-z)
Pontiac Vibe Gt MDRA Malta 1/4 mile Drag Racing.

Toyota matrix vs Mazda 3
Toyota matrix xr almost stock ( unorthodox pulley kit,aem cai, smaller tires and no rear seats ) STARTS 1 CAR BEHIND vs mazda3 gt with cai and exhaust ...

2003 Vibe GT vs. 2004 Jetta TDI
Pontiac vs. Volkswagen from a 15 mph roll.

High School Burnouts
All are burnouts we got on video in high school 1986 IROC-Z Camaro 1989 GTA Trans am 1989 RS Camaro 2000 Mercury Cougar 1985 Chevy K10 2000 jeep ...

Pontiac Vibe Drum Brake Inspection And Mystery Noise Investigation
In this video I inspect the drum brake assembly on my 2007 Pontiac Vibe to try and identify the source of a dragging noise coming from the wheel. I never ...