Pontiac Sunfire Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Quick Sunfire vs Corvette
CSCS Racing Event Sept 25th 2011 Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga Ontario.

1965 Chevrolet Impala vs Pontiac Sunfire drag race
St-Eustache Autodrome, august 1st 2008.

pontiac sunfire drag races 13.8 sec quarter mile, all motor, for my friend dave K the legend!
pontiac sunfire does a 13.8 second quarter mile pass at the drag strip, all motor, and my buddy dave K bangs the hell out of some gears!

mercury marauder vs pontiac sunfire drag racing

INSANE V8 Pontiac Sunfire 1/4 mile
this beuty was running solid 's all night and comletly blew away my expectations of what this car was acctually capable of. this is one sunflower you dont want to ...

Pontiac Sunfire Vs Eagle Talon Drag Race JDM
My Modded Pontiac Sun-fire vs a Modded Eagle Talon. 2nd Run of the night.

Pontiac Sunfire - On The Edge - Wheelie Competition 2009 - Winner!
Rob LaCroix gets his Pontiac Sunfire way out of shape in this wheelie at the 2009 World Power Wheelstanding Championships in Byron, IL. He almost loses it.

Pontiac Sunfire Wheel Stand
Pontiac Sunfire Wheel Stand competition at Byron dragway.

Hilarious Pontiac Sunfire Burnout!!!!
Front wheel burnouts lol GET ER DONE KOOTER! Mission Raceway May 19, 2012.

Garage16's big turbo Sunfire
Garage16's Pontiac Sunfire with MASSIVE turbo runs 11.7 @ 116mph.

Pontiac Sunfire 750hp!!!
Crazy Sunfire lifting right up off the line.

13 sec Jetta vs 13 sec Sunfire
CSCS Racing Event Sept 25th 2011 Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga Ontario.