Pontiac Pursuit Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Pontiac pursuit GT
summer time race.

pontiac g5 vs intrepid
opc track day g5 wins.

Honda Civic vs Pontiac G6 Drag Racing 1/4 Mile Royal Purple Raceway
Video was shot during the IFO event in Baytown, TX on 2/26/2012. It features my Honda Civic Sedan with GSR swap against a Pontiac G6 sedan. I think he was ...

2015 vs 2014 Dodge Charger R/T 1/8 mile drag race!!! Dash Cam and Spectator video.
Ever since buying the 2015 Charger R/T Road and Track with the new 8-spd transmission, I've always been curious just how much quicker the new tranny really ...

Awesome Chase with the General Lee Dodge Charger and Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am
https://www.instagram.com/autoedit_jason/ Turn up the volume and enjoy this raw footage of the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Dodge Charger and the ...

EG Civic Turbo vs Pontiac G5
Horrible launch with no traction on the civic, worst run of the night.

Drag Race Specta Pontiac vs. Joey Crown vic
race drag fast cars burnout.

Supercharged Pontiac g5 3-4th gear pull
Supercharged '07 g5 base model. Filmed on a closed course under the supervision of professionals.

Challenger Drag Race! - SE vs R/T vs SRT8
MT Technical Director Frank Markus tests the three 2009 Dodge Challenger variants - SE, R/T, SRT8 - with a three-way drag race and laps around our figure ...

80 Trans Am passing 77 SE Trans Am
80 Trans Am passing 77 SE Trans Am.

Jarred Torres Pontiac Trans Am Match Race Madness #6 Barona Drag Strip 11-29-2014
One fast car slowing down at the finish line every time Jarred Torres Pontiac Trans Am Match Race Madness #6 Barona Drag Strip Well as you could see we ...

Firebird Crashes Into Bushes Street Racing
Better view of a Firebird crashing into some bushes while racing John Doe at Dig Night. Luckily no one was hurt except for the car. Dig Night in Houston, Texas.