Plymouth Valiant Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

MOPAR BEAST! '65 Valiant Massive Burnouts & Drag Racing
Plymouth Valiant with a spanking 340 small block that has run a 9 second 1/4 mile in a bit lighter Barracuda. Now the engine is in this 1965 Valiant and its used ...

1962 Plymouth Valiant Slant Six Drag Racing Barona drag Strip 2-18-2012
saturday afternoon at barona drag strip during the nhra summit series test and tune how about a 1962 plymouth valiant with a slant six vs a 1956 chevrolet.

Project Valiant Drag Strip Test & Tune
We drag test the 1968 Plymouth Valiant project car from Mopar Muscle magazine, and go deep into the 11s on the first time out.

FAST MOPAR | Plymouth VALIANT SCAMP | 10 Second 1/4 Mile Run
Vintage MOPAR Power runs the 1320 at the GTAMC / DaSilva Track Day, October 3rd, 2013. Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga Drag Strip.

Best Wheelie 68' Valiant
Trying out a new engine for the first time.

Plymouth "wheelie" Valiant - Burnouts & Drag Racing
This is a legendary drag car which is known as wheelie valiant. It was abandoned into a bush and saved couple years ago and then restored to it's former glory!

'70 Plymouth Duster 340 VS '64 Plymouth Valiant 400 1/4mile drag race
Ake Svens 1970 Plymouth Duster 340cid + blower VS Mario Amberg 1964 Plymouth Valiant 400cid 1/4mile drag race JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER ...

'64 Plymouth Valiant 400ci vs '69 Dodge Dart GT 1/4mile drag race
Mario Amberg 1964 Plymouth Valiant 400cid vs Kari Laukkanen 1969 900HP Dodge Dart GT 513cid 1/4 mile drag race @ ABCS 2016, Haapsalu, Kiltsi airfield.

'79 Chevrolet Corvette vs '64 Plymouth Valiant 400ci 1/4mile drag race
Georg Liigand 500HP 1979 Chevrolet Corvette C3 383cid vs Mario Amberg 1964 Plymouth Valiant 400cid 1/4 mile drag race @ ABCS 2016, Haapsalu, Kiltsi ...

1/4 mile Drag race | Plymouth Valiant vs Camaro
1/4 mile Drag race ICOR 2014.

Daryl Whitmer's ~540CI Mopar~ Keith Black Block with Predator Heads built by Jimmy Lopez "JLO Competition Engines"~ stock leaf spring suspension~'66 ...

VC Valiant at the drags
Picking the wheels up!!