Plymouth TC3 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1979 Plymouth Horizon TC3 Acceleration
Finally got it running much better than it was. Turns out the culprit was the incorrect distributor cap. This is with timing set to about 5 degrees BTDC. I think the idle mixture is a bit...

My Plymouth Horizon at Cecil County Dragway 11/29/2008 Pt2
My 1986 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 Turbo with a 50hp shot of nitrous. 11.459@122.57 Cecil County Dragway 11/29/2008 Listen for the hiccup just after the 60ft. What was that? Compressor surge?

Turbocharged Reliant running 10.60 & 130 MPH
Great video of my Reliant running through the traps at New England Dragway.

The Plymouth Horizon
Behold the awesomeness of the Horizon.

Omni 024 runs
After 20 years the car runs again.

GLD Olympics of Drag Racing - "DOWN UNDER THUNDER" Nitro Funny Car - Day 1 - 5-26-2012
Nitro funny car going back to the pits.

TC3 Cuda
Heres my TC3 Cuda.

Plymouth vs mustang
Pauly and Dan on 395.

Oct2713sparta 024
9.86@133.05 1.32 60 ft.

1989 Plymouth Horizon inside & out
Did 2 runs from a rolling stop with it floored, and an inside and out tour.

Pro Touring Plymouth Volare!
The 1980 Plymouth Volare inches closer to completion. Finally got some color on it. Abandoned a few things and added some other. Gone are the roll bar and Mustang dashboard. I made my own...

Plymouth Horizon Demolition
This car stood up to a bunch of punishment. It was soooo worth the $50 we spent at a local auction.