Plymouth Sundance Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

10 Second - 600rwhp Turbo GRANNY MOBILE?!?!
This 1988 Plymouth Sundance is NOTHING to take for granted. This thing has had a MAJOR overhaul since it's grocery getter days back in the late 80's. Over triple the horsepower, a badass...

MOU Plymouth Sundance vs 66 Dodge Charger Drag Race
MOU, Mopars of Utah and SLCLX at RMR 5/31/2013 These cars are all members of the Mopars of Utah club and or the SLC LX club

sundance vs 370z.3GP
Plymouth Sundance beating a Nissan 370Z. Sundance ran 13.73 at 99mph. Sundance has a stock TII 2.2 engine, stock turbo and intercooler, MBC at 14psi of boost, 3" downpipe to an open cutout,...

My Son Racing Our 1989 Plymouth Sundance
This is my 16 year old son Michael racing our daily driver!!!

UR2SLO 93 Plymouth Duster / shadow Drag Race VS TA @ Gimli Dragway Good Burnout
A windy day in Gimli. With the line lock issues fixed, lots of air in the rear bags and a good burnout The car got a good launch but timing and a weak wastegate spring kept her in the 14's.

My Mildly Modded 1993 Plymouth Sundance Duster (Mopar P-body) 6G72 start up
Engine mods-WAI, 58mm TB, A/C Delete, Moved Coil, and Older Style Upper Intake Manifold. It is ATX. RPM reached 4500 at the highest.

Drok's 01 Nissan Maxima SE VS "*ReD* Rocks' 93 Plymouth Sundance Duster (Import vs Domestic)
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93 duster

Playing with a Plymouth Duster
Playing around with my 1993 Plymouth Sundance Duster. Currently being modified, which includes.... Custom body kit, engine work, transmission work, body work, paint, wheels, tires, suspension,...

Turbocharged Plymouth Sundance: Setting the boost
Dialing in the target boost point in my father's 89 Plymouth Sundance. Stock setup, T2 long block, stock T03 Garrett, stock intercooler and pipes, 2.5" exhaust, stock fuel, at 12psi of boost.

BSX @ 10.43 Englishtown, NJ May 16, 2009
Brian S. tuning his 87 Dodge Shadow.

1994 Plymouth Duster 0-105
title says it all, tires spun all the way though first and a little of second, I'll try to get a better one later.