Plymouth Reliant Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Gary Donovan's Plymouth Reliant runs a 10.53
This Plymouth Reliant, and the original video, belongs to Gary S Donovan. Origional is located here:

Reliant vs Supra at dragstrip, view 2
Another version shot from front of stands.

The NSF/Sputnik Racing 1971 Plymouth Fury at Sebring
This Fury may steal the Worst Car In LeMons Racing crown from the K-It-FWD Plymouth Reliant wagon.

Reliant vs Supra at dragstrip
Yes, this is the original long version of my turbocharged Reliant facing off against a turbo Supra.

Dodge Caravan Turbocharged Drag Racing 4-6-2012
Race your ride at qualcomm stadium at how about a dodge caravan turbocharged drag racing and very fast. Generation I Caravans used the ...

Turbocharged Reliant running 10.60 & 130 MPH
Great video of my Reliant running through the traps at New England Dragway.

Turbocharged FWD Reliant makes 10.41 pass
At Cecil County Maryland.

Plymouth reliant LE top speed
my 87 plymouth reliant LE 2.2 Wagon, 3 Speed auto, slightly down hill... speedo goes to 85 and its past that... eventually i will get a video with the gps to get the ...

2010 GRM Challenge drags Aries 21 11.65 seconds.wmv
11.65 second run for the Dodge Aries #21 at the $2010 GRM Challenge on Oct 2nd, 2010.

My Plymouth Horizon at Cecil County Dragway 11/29/2008 Pt2
My 1986 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 Turbo with a 50hp shot of nitrous. 11.459@122.57 Cecil County Dragway 11/29/2008 Listen for the hiccup just after the 60ft.

K-It-FWD K-Car misery during the 2013 LeMons season
The 1987 Plymouth Reliant-K being worked on during the 2013 24 Hours of LeMons races that I documented. Here we see the K at CMP, Monticello, Gingerman ...

Plymouth Granfury Vs Fox Body Mustang Drag Race
Took the 1985 Plymouth Gran Fury up to Thompson Raceway in Ohio for some drag racing fun. It's a 318 4bbl with over 170k, blow by, and 4.10 gears. Not too ...