Plymouth Caravelle Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

81 Wagon.wmv

1986 Plymouth caravelle parts car (saved)
well this car i saved from the crusher they did put it in the pile for a while but then i said i wanted the parts off of it so its saved , My Reliant and Aries love fresh ...

Gary Donovan's Plymouth Reliant runs a 10.53
This Plymouth Reliant, and the original video, belongs to Gary S Donovan. Origional is located here:


Napierreville Blowing driveshaft at 121 mph.wmv
81 Plymouth Caravelle Wagon . 451 c.i. 727 auto 4:10 gear. Best et 11.12 at 120 mph. This last round I had my friend's wife for a ride. You can see at end of ...

Plymouth Caravelle 2.2

Plymouth Barracuda

Stella's Saturday Special: Fire up the 58 Plymouth Savoy!
Hi! Just thought I'd drag the '58 Savoy out of the barn this May, fire it up for the hell of it, and drive it around the compound a bit... I bought this car years ago and ...

Plymouth Caravelle 2.6
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2010 GRM Challenge drags Aries 21 11.65 seconds.wmv

Plymouth Barracuda 5.2

Plymouth Barracuda 6.3