Plymouth Caravelle Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1985 Plymouth Caravelle Turbo Fuel Injection
1985 Plymouth Caravelle Turbo Fuel Injection.

1.15 MIN BURNOUT WITH 1984 PLYMOUTH CARAVELLE custom fitted 1977 440 motorhome engine, 727 trany, holley 850 4150 double pumper moded on ...

Stella's Saturday Special: Fire up the 58 Plymouth Savoy!
Hi! Just thought I'd drag the '58 Savoy out of the barn this May, fire it up for the hell of it, and drive it around the compound a bit... I bought this car years ago and ...

Plymouth Caravelle
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Plymouth Caravelle 2.2
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Plymouth Caravelle
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Crazy Plymouth Police Car with Tunnel Ram Intake - Great V8 Sound!
Jamboolio records 1970s Plymouth Gran Fury Police Interceptor with huge Tunnel Ram Intake sticking out of the hood. This cop car makes pretty damn cool V8 ...

Two 1987 Gran Fury's race one another (One is factory stock & other is modified)
My son & I have two 1987 Plymouth Gran Fury Police Car packages that came off the assembly line together (VIN Numbers: 1P3BB2640HX749618 and ...

More Used Car Abuse
An insightful glimpse into the minds of tomorrows leaders. Witness the maximum depreciation inflicted on the rare and priceless 1997 Toyota Special ...

Plymouth Fury 1975

1999 caravelle black smoke

Napierreville Blowing driveshaft at 121 mph.wmv
81 Plymouth Caravelle Wagon . 451 c.i. 727 auto 4:10 gear. Best et 11.12 at 120 mph. This last round I had my friend's wife for a ride. You can see at end of ...