Plymouth Acclaim Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

live: Plymouth acclaim v6 accident avec chevrolet lumina 3.1 a 30km/h
a acton vale accident live (provoquée lol)

My Plymouth Acclaim
showing off my (new) car... I bought it from a private owner and had no problems!!! Also I tried to post a vid on my old 97 sebring POS lxi but it didn't work. will ...

Plymouth Acclaim straight piped - drive and rev!
The answer to all your questions, this is my exhaust mod to my 1992 plymouth Acclaim v-6 3.0. Hope you enjoy! ( it sounds real deep and aggressive in person, ...

My 1992 Plymouth Acclaim at MoPar Magic
Yes "Purpley" might be an unloved sexless glorified K car fwd grocery cart but it's only got 70000 klicks and it gets great gas mileage. And economy matters ...

93 Plymouth Acclaim
Warning: This video is loud and i recommend you turn your volume down. Exhaust system is pretty much rusted out and hanging on by cloths hangers.

1992 Plymouth Acclaim Ready For The Junkyard
I was looking around craigslist for a cheap little car. I found her... Bought it and fixed the radiator, shocks, struts, muffler, stereo installed. You name it.. I miss her ...

1992 Dodge Spirit & Plymouth Acclaim
Chrysler Group, LLC.

1992 Plymouth Acclaim & Dodge Spirit
Chrysler Group, LLC.

My old 1990 Plymouth Acclaim June 2010
Here is a video of me when i was 12 years old driving my old 1990 Plymouth Acclaim in the field.

Driving 55 during an ice storm with a real good mentaly challenged buddy of mine.

Purpley's death crattle ('92 Plymouth Acclaim)
My bellhousing/tranny/flex plate/converter noise diminishes.

Holland Crash A Rama 9/14/13 Enduro In Car
Incar my car #60 race winner. '95 Plymouth Acclaim. Holland Speedway's Crash A Rama September 14, 2013. Put in HD.