Oldsmobile Intrigue Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Camaro racing Alero
Good 1/4mile race between a camaro and a supercharged alero! For more videos and to see the Hottest and Fastest rides in the south go to ...

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue Beats Mitisubshi Evo
My buddy decided to race at the new england dragstrip the other night in his oldsie and he ends up beating an evo somehow.

Oldsmobile Aurora vs. Oldsmobile Alero Highway Run
This is a short video of my Aurora racing my friends 2000 Alero. Aurora Autobahn- 4.0L V8 Alero Coupe- 2.4L I4.

Oldsmobile Alero vs Camaro v6 Staged Bracket Race

Oldsmobile's collection 2
Cars of Lansing Oldsmobile's Cars: 1977 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2-Dr Colonnade HT Coupe 1980 Olds Omega 4-Door Brougham (1st Built) 1985 Olds El Ciera ...

oldsmobile intrigue vs chevy Malibu
me and my brother vs my ex and his gf keep inmind this was befor my paformence mods.

Byron Olds Race
Byron Olds Race.

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue (Shortstar) vs 1960/70ish Ranger (Modded for Competition)
1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue (Shortstar) vs 1960/70ish Ranger (Modded for Competition) Olds ran 10.86 1/8 Mile I don't know if that's the true description of the truck ...

0-70 Oldsmobile Intrigue
On my home one night, thought I'd give 'er a lil hell...my friend and I ended up racing home that night...it was pretty fun.

civic vs alero #2

chevy vs intrigue

Oldsmobile Alero runs 14's
2 back to back runs and the car runs the same time 14.698 @ 91.24 with a .038 r/t and 2.128 60 foot the first time, and 14.696 @ 90.84 with a crappy .240 r/t and ...