Oldsmobile Aurora Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Aurora Drag Racing
Here's the 2001 aurora Drag Racing.

Aurora V8 vs old camaro
1997 Olsmobile Aurora drag races Camaro.

Oldsmobile Aurora vs. Oldsmobile Alero Highway Run
This is a short video of my Aurora racing my friends 2000 Alero. Aurora Autobahn- 4.0L V8 Alero Coupe- 2.4L I4.

aurora race
aurora race.

Aurora vs Camaro!
Bracket Racing again, and he couldn't catch me!

Aurora race
99' vs 97.

Aurora vs Grand Prix GT
I won this one too! Again we were bracket racing, so I had to let off at the end so I wouldn't break out of my time.

83 Hurst/Olds drag racing
83 Hurst/Olds with Olds 307.

This is how you spank an oldsmobile.

DragRace - Oldsmobile
1st Testlauf - Flugplatz Lausitz.

mrfreez's Aurora
My first run down the drag strip!

Aurora vs the dodge Swinger
Heh, beat him too! Couldn't catch me!