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1990 Nissan 240SX Electric 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 0-60

More Info: Extended Warranty, Car Loans, Car insurance and Lemon Laws for your Nissan 240SX Electric

1/4 Mile ET: 13.364
1/4 Mile MPH: 99.640
1/8 Mile ET: 8.505
1/8 Mile MPH: 81.980
0-60 Foot ET: 1.819
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
Standing 1 Mile MPH:
Temperature F: 0.0
Density Altitude (DA): DA Calculator
Timeslip Scan: Nissan 240SX Timeslip Scan
VBOX Graph:
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
VBOX Graph:
Car Make: Nissan
Car Model: 240SX
Car Type: Electric
Car Year: 1990
Driver: Matthew Graham
E-Mail: Click HERE
Videos: 240SX Videos
Web Site:

Horsepower @ wheels: 190.00
Torque @ wheels: 650.00
Dyno Type:
Dyno Graph: Nissan 240SX Dyno Graph Results
Classifieds: 240SX For Sale
Parts: 240SX Parts

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 1990 Nissan 240SX Electric


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More Comments:

(steve clunn)
So this car has an electric motor instead of a gas , great idea , where can I get info on building one .

(J. Marvin Campbell)
And to think that 8 billion dollars/year worth of ICE marketing almost had me convinced that EVs are slow AND ugly!...

No tranny? So what's the gear ratio? Whats the RPM range on those motors.... Series... Parallel?

(Matt Graham)
Hey Aaron, It's direct drive back to the differential, so the ratio is the stock 4.08:1. The motors were electrically in parallel for nearly the whole run, up to 5500 RPM.

(John Wayland)
Keep your eyes on this electric Nissan! Matt's added a LSD and fat sticky rubber since his 14.2 second one-tire spinning run. With the controller turned up and both drag tires digging in, I predict low 13s or even high 12's!

(Hugh E Webber)
Go, Matt! Hope you make the 100-mph club! I'm still waiting for GM to restart EV1 production-.

(John Wayland)
Matt's definitely heading for the 100 mph club...I bet it will happen this coming weekend at the Battery Beach Burnout electric drag races at Moroso Motorsports park!

(Cor van de Water)
Hi Matthew, Congrats on the new record while still testing the car for next weekend. Awesome 13.607 at 98.39 mph! When your batteries are full next weekend this will become even better!

(Roderick Wilde)
I am anxiously awaiting your updated time slip from the EV drag race today, 1/21/06, at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach, FL.

(The Toecutter)
My cousin has a DSM capable of high 13s. About $25,000 invested. This looks to be about a $15,000-$18,000 car, not bad at all. Especially considering that with all the savings on maintenance and gas it will pay for itself in a few years. My cousin's DSM is a maintenance whore by comparison, and is constantly in need of work. Mid 13s in this car are especially excellent considering to buy a car capable of that stock you're going to throw down at least $70k. You can do that reasonably cheap with an electric. Amazing. With some experience behind the wheel you should be running high 12s, which is Corvette and Viper territory. Then you could go prowling for them. We could use more hi pro EVs like this on the streets to wipe that grin off the faces of those who use their cars to compensate for... certain inadequacies. Best of luck. May EVs be the new phallic symbols, the means to commit a silent rape on unsuspecting prey!

650 ft-lbs of torque ? If thats not a typo ... damn.

You should put some video up. That would make this page so much better....

Awsome - One has to see this car in person to appreciate it.

So how do you charge it? Using the stock ICE and alternator?

(Matt Graham)
Hey Mike. To charge up the 300 volt pack, I use an onboard EV charger from Manzanita Micro. When I'm at the track, I use a gas generator, but when I use the car as my daily driver, I just pull into the garage and plug the charger into a 240 volt outlet to charge at 20 amps. It normally takes about 2 hours to charge it back up.

REALLY AWESOME CAR!!! How long does a charge usually last when you use it as a daily driver?

They could be cars such as like that long time ago. Only they dont want because every body would buy one and that would be a major hit to the economy and would really change the face of earth. There is no way you get a permision to make this car street legal. This cars might do 0-60 in less than 4.5 seconds, no kidding.

Hi Nikker, if I am not mistaken - this car is Matthew's daily driver. Any EV is street legal because when you convert an existing car you start with a legal car, only change the motor. Unless you modify other safety-related components, there is no reason the car should not pass DMV's inspection for change of engine and be street legal again. There are lots of EVs on the road, see the EV album at evalbum.com. It would help if car manufacturers would wake up and make these fun EVs instead of big SUVs.

My father bought the Lexus RX400h. It is definatelly on of the best cars ever made, and I ve been in many cars ,roadsters, coupes, SUVS. It is so much better, so much more luxurious, so silent. The GS Hybrid does 0-60 in 5.2. I wish I could be driving on of them. But it is OK since bikes are easier to buy, cheaper to use, and cheap to buy. I ll be driving a Buell Ullysses in one maybe 2 months.

So how far do you get off a 2 hr charge? Keep up the great work.

(George Hamstra)
Matt - I want to see you guys over the 100 MPH figure ASAP! let me know what I can do to help!

Impressive results and atttractive install! If that dyno graph is generated from your E.T. then you should go to a chassis dyno ($50-$100) and get a more detailed analysis of your TQ curve. It should be more linear than that graph indicates. If you really are generating 650lbs TQ, you could prolly get into the low 12's by simply adding tall slicks. I also suspect that you will get better E.T.s with a 3.00~3.50:1 rear end ratio as well. Once again, Fabulous work!

(Ben Moses)
Totally Awesome! I love the creativity.

I've started documenting my own Electric 240SX Conversion over at

Engine: Two electric motors
Boost Control:
Boost Pressure (psi):
Nitrous Kit/System:
Nitrous Shot:
Pistons (rotors):
Rings (seals):
Connecting Rods:
Throttle Body:
Intake & Air Filter:
Headers / Downpipe:



Computer ECU Chip Upgrade:
Spark Plugs:
Fuel Injectors:
Fuel Pump:
Gas: No
Transmission: None
Clutch/Torq Conv:
Gears: 4.08:1 with LSD
Brake Rotors/Pads:
Tires: 255/50-16 BFG g-Force T/A
Weight with driver (lbs): 0
Track: Palm Beach International Raceway (Moroso), FL, USA
 Record Modified: July 8th, 2008

Additional parts, modifications, upgrades & information:
(0-60, weight, upgrades parts, etc...)
Car was converted to electric in 2005. Weight is 3250 lbs. It has 25 marine batteries (1000 lbs) a 2000 amp motor controller and two 9" diameter DC motors running directly into the differential (no tranny). Gtech Pro data shows 190 HP and 650 ft-lbs torque. This car ran a 14.27 at 95 mph for its first time ever on the track with street tires and stock open differential. This current record is with drag radials and limited slip differential. It is one of the few electric cars that have broken 100 mph in the quarter mile (see www.nedra.com).

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