Nissan 280ZX Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Datsun 240z TURBO - V8 Powered STREET Machine!
This STUNNING 240z may not have had its original L24 motor, but it was at least replaced by a Murican' v8 and a GIANT turbo! You know you're in for a show ...

nissan L28 drag racing
old school jap cars.

Turbo V8 Datsun Shoots for the Moon! Missile Z is ROWDY
We head out to the ever so sticky Cecil County Dragway to check out this 306 sbf paired with an 80mm turbo and plopped in a Datsun 280z otherwise known at ...

1000hp Turbo Datsun Z vs Lamborghini Huracan | 360° Racing Video
360° Video of a 1000hp Turbocharged LT1 Datsun Z vs Lamborghini Huracan Subscribe ...

Blue 280ZX@ LLumar Window Film Championship Drag Racing 2016 #1

450hp LS1 1978 Datsun 280Z
One of the coolest imports I've had the opportunity to see in action, this extremely streetable 1978 Datsun 280z takes it's first trip to the drag strip to do some ...

Ls1 Turbo 280z vs Nitrous SS Camaro
Turbo Ls1 Swap 280z vs Nitrous SS Camaro battle for the Nor-Cal Crown for the fastest stick shift manual car ...

Twin Turbo LSx + Tiny Nissan =
Oh, yeah. It's as bad ass as it seems. This twin turbo LS based Nissan 280z is incredibly killer as it blasts down the quarter mile at TX2k16, shooting for the 8s!

Worlds Fastest Datsun 4 Cylinder Nissan SR20 Powered -NDIMA- (NEW WORLD RECORD)
Worlds Fastest Datsun 4 Cylinder Nissan SR20 Powered -NDIMA-

Z Performance Racing 10 second 280z Street Car
The ZP RACE CREW is at it again. Newer Look with a L28 under the hood. This Stage IV package is for you guys who "Dont wanna leave no evidence at the ...

Datsun 240z vs Nissan GTR
This is a homebuilt twin turbo " blow through " system on a 409 cubic inch Chevy small block engine in a 72 Datsun 240 z. The car is Street Legal due to ...

Deep Purple Datsun 280z // Skillard // Corbeau // BC Racing
A quick update on my 1976 280z, suspensions, seats and more. Why you ask? Because racecar!