Nissan 200SX Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Audi Coupe Quattro VS Nissan 200SX 1/4mile drag race
Left: 11,32sec@402m Right: 12,04 JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM:

Nissan 200sx Drag Race
Elvington York TOTB IX.

Nissan 200sx drag race video @ LDČ 2012, #2 Tartu - Vitālijs Koloss
Vitālijs Koloss, Nissan 200sx @ LDČ 2012, #2 Tartu 3rd place in PRO C class. Vitālijs Koloss, Nissan 200sx @ LDČ 2012, #2 Tartu drag dragrace dragreiss ...

Toyota Supra MK3 vs Nissan 200sx s13 drag racing

Nissan 200SX S14 Silvia Drag Racing
Car build by Red Sun Service. SR20DET Engine fully rebuilt CP Forged pistons Crowler Connecting rods ARP bolts NISSAN OEM Bearings NISSAN OEM Oil ...

Nissan 200SX VS 500+hp `73 Ford Taunus 1/4mile drag race
400+hp 1990 Nissan 200SX VS 500+hp 1973 Ford Taunus db-hp tuning 1/4mile drag race.

Nissan 200SX S14 vs Honda Civic Drag Race
Kondofrey Drag Challenge 2014.

1/4mile Drag Race Nissan 200SX S13 Vs Infiniti G35C 20.06.2013 Lotnisko Konarzyny
Inf moc 286KM a 200SX cholera wie, T28 na pokładzie 1 bar doładowania to ze 260-270KM bedzie... No i ciutek lżejsze ze 350kg...

BMW E36 M3 Vs. Nissan 200SX S14 Silvia Drag Race 1/4 Mile Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - KiskunLacháza [2008 - 06 - 14] 1/4 Mile.

SM goes Drag racing in Sweden, Nissan 200SX S13 CA18DET
I was lucky enough to get funded to go and race the superstage in Sweden and Won! While I was there I also did some drag racing. Thanks to Apex Performance ...

BMW 323 Turbo VS Nissan 200SX 1/4mile drag race
200+hp 1985 BMW 323 Turbo [12sec@187km/h] VS 506hp 1991 Nissan 200SX [13,36sec@170km/h] 1/4mile 402m drag race.

Nissan 200sx S15 vs Nissan R33 Skyline Quarter Mile Drag Race
Nissan Yellow 200SX S15 vs Nissan Black R33 Skyline at Willowbank Raceway Staging, Burnout and Race.