Mitsubishi Starion Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Nyce1s - Eddie Rivera's Ultimate Transmissions Mitsubishi Starion...
Here is Eddie Rivera and his Ultimate Transmissions Mitsubishi Starion! Here is the car racing at a few events on the east coast. We look forward to seeing this car going into the 8 second...

10 second Mitsubishi Starion Burnout & Drag Race. Fast!
Highly tuned Mitsi Starion puts down a 10 second 1/4 mile. Very fast car indeed! - Ultimate Transmissions Red Mitsubishi Starion @ Street Wars 1 E-Town!!!!
Checkout Ultimate transmission's Mitsubishi Starion! We should be seeing more of this car in 2010!! Checkout for more videos!!!!

Starion vs Conquest

4CYLFURY 9.54 @ 143mph 2nd Pass
G54B Starion Turbo by 4CYLFURY running 1/4 mi in Houston @ Royal Purple Raceway. TSQ2014.

Turbo Civic Vs Starion Turbo

Phil's Starion @ DIPalooza 2001 7's
Brought to you by Phil WINS Class!!! DIPalooza 2011.

2x 9sec 4g63 swapped Conquests racing burnouts
Two 9sec 4g63 swapped Conquest's racing at the 21st Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout!

Starion on the skidpan
A small video of me driving my starion for the first time at the RENEW skidpan day. You can hear my mates making fun of my driving style in the background.

2JZGTE Starion VS 09 Corvette
Stock 2JZGTE starion all stock.

Starlet with 2.6 Starion motor
Test and tune Lakeland Florida.

Early Performance Conquest at 2008 DSM Shootout
Early performance conquest runs at the 2008 DSM Shootout.