Mitsubishi Magna Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Magna vs Commo Ute
Tas Commodores Drag Day November 2009.

Mitsubishi Magna Supercharged on LPG quarter mile drag
Sprintex Supercharger @ 6 PSI No intercooler Running on LPG Manual.

Holden HSV VE SSV Vs Mitsubishi Magna VR-X Drag Racing WSID
HSV Holden SSV Ve worked against My Mitsubishi Magna VR-X Limited edition, Ran mid to low 15's and has exhaust. Is automatic.

Nissan Skyline R34 VS Mitsubishi Magna VR-X Drag Racing WSID Easten Creek
Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T against my Mitsubishi Magna VR-X Limited Edition. I had An exhaust and it was auto, ran low to mid 15's from memory.

11 Sec Twin Turbo Magna from RPW
This is the 2nd run of the Twin Turbo 11 Second Front Wheel Drive Magna racing a Supercharger Ford 6cyl.

You you want to see a little bit of boost....check out this magna with only 6psi gertting ramed down its throttle.. the supercharger winding its head off.... build at hyperdrive.

Diamante Twin Turbo vs. CRX Turbo
check this race please comment.

richie rich camden
Trinidad drag racing v8 powered mitsubishi magna 9 sec run.

Verada Drag
Stock Standard Mitsubishi Verada, (Before stripping for weight reduction) Best time 60ft - 2.441 ET - 15.998 @ 141kmh.

Magna 4wd AWD skids @ drags
old heap magna i once had spinning all 4 tyres, wow no big deal, but its turning 4 sticky 20's it's auto and approx 1950kg with driver... did have a supercharger on it at this time, and in...

Narkus2 vs Magna
Narkus2's Lancer vs Maverick's Magna at Drag Combat Perth Motorplex 2006.

motorkhana at lonsdale.wmv
footage of the Magna VRX in the mitsubishi carpark at lonsdale in 2005 during a round of the South Australian motorkhana series.