Mitsubishi Diamante Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Diamante Twin Turbo vs. CRX Turbo
check this race please comment.

Diamante 30M Drag Race
Drag race featuring a Mitsubishi Diamante 30M (Mivec) vs Toyota Avalon vs Honda Inspire.

Diamante 30M Tsukuba Race
A 3 lap race of the Tsukuba Circuit featuring the Mitsubishi Diamante 30M (Mivec) up against the Toyota Avalon and the Honda Inspire.

Drag race with attitude
Old video from a Hot 4s & performance mag. I think its a Mitsubishi Sigma?

Verada Drag
Stock Standard Mitsubishi Verada, (Before stripping for weight reduction) Best time 60ft - 2.441 ET - 15.998 @ 141kmh.

Verada Drag after being stripped
Stock Standard Mitsubishi Verada, (Before stripping for weight reduction) Weight 1525kgs Best time 60ft - 2.441 ET - 15.998 @ 141kmh Now after the weight reduction Weight 1325kgs Best time...

You you want to see a little bit of boost....check out this magna with only 6psi gertting ramed down its throttle.. the supercharger winding its head off.... build at hyperdrive.

11 Sec Twin Turbo Magna from RPW
This is the 2nd run of the Twin Turbo 11 Second Front Wheel Drive Magna racing a Supercharger Ford 6cyl.

гонка за "алмазом"
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galant gdi vs diamante gdi
galant vs diamante.

Mivec Diamante Mitsubishi 30-100kmph
rolling start from 30kmph to 100kmph in my 3L mivec diamante.

More off-roadin' in the diamante
off-roadin' in some random dirt area.