Mitsubishi Diamante Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Diamante 30M Drag Race
Drag race featuring a Mitsubishi Diamante 30M (Mivec) vs Toyota Avalon vs Honda Inspire.

Diamante Twin Turbo vs. CRX Turbo
check this race please comment.

diamante vs suabru rs-r turbo

1993 Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg Drag Race
Drag Race featuring a Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg vs a Toyota Levin BZ-G (facelift) and a Honda Civic SIR.

Diamante 30M Tsukuba Race
A 3 lap race of the Tsukuba Circuit featuring the Mitsubishi Diamante 30M (Mivec) up against the Toyota Avalon and the Honda Inspire.

OWNER/WHERE Rhys Fricker Western Australia Albany RIDE 2000 TH ADVANCED MAGNA ENGINE 6G74 SOHC 3.5Litre (155kilowatt@Flywheel standard) ...

Verada Drag
Stock Standard Mitsubishi Verada, (Before stripping for weight reduction) Best time 60ft - 2.441 ET - 15.998 @ 141kmh.

Mitsubishi Sigma Turbo
Drag Racing at Calder Park My Mitsubishi Sigma Turbo on Boring 10PSI VS Subaru WRX STI.

1992 Mitsubishi Lancer GTi
1992 Mitsubishi Lancer GTi Song: "Collide" by Moog feat. Erin Renee (Download on iTunes) Lancer Singkit.

FTO Drag Race
Drag Race featuring a Mitsubishi FTO GPX vs Nissan 180SX vs Toyota MR2.

me burning out in my 2000 Diamante
burn out with a twist its front well drive and i do it foward.

TwinTurbo Magna RPW 11.92 1/4mile
fastest magna/diamante in the world... 10year plus record, running a 6g74 rpw twi turbo set up..nothing has come close to this yet.. Western Australia Magna ...