Mitsubishi Cordia Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Zero8Two Drag War 2013 - Mitsubishi Tredia vs Honda Prelude

Sprinter V Cordia
Drag racing motorplex.

10 sec cordia
fast cordia.

Zero8Two Drag War 2013 - Honda CRX vs Mitsubishi Tredia

Wakefield Park Cordia Action
A full video picture slide show of my cordia. Songs "Bill and teds excellent adventure theme" "Colo de menini" by Falmansa "Riding dirty" by Chamillion "numa ...

Mitsubishi Cordia 1983
1983-as 1600 SR Mitsubishi Cordia.Ez az autó már régen a miénk,nagyon szeretem.Igaz nincs valami jó állapotban,de attól lehet vele menni,van rajta vizsga.

Drag update info
This is some info about the currant situation of others tellme me to race them, well i have a good reason why i cant just yet.

Cordia 0-140
Here's a short vid of my old mitsubishi cordia. It has a 2.0 Sohc engine running 10psi.

Methanol injection testing drag racing cordia
Im testing the methanol injection system on my 1.8 gsr, befor putting it in my 13 second cordia. Which it will be nitrous and metho injected the same time soon.

Cordia Dyno History
Storyline of my cordia On the dyno Songs featuring in order "Good enough" by Cyindy Lauper" "Goonies theme" by John williams "Jeepers creepers" by Billie ...

Drag race with attitude
Old video from a Hot 4s & performance mag. I think its a Mitsubishi Sigma?

Cordia Dyno Preview
Short clip at the beginning of this dyno session. Full version coming soon Music featured "Unsolved mystery theme" and "twilight zone theme"