Mini 1275 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

K20 Supercharged RHD Mini Cooper Does A Wheelie At The Track
This Is An Amazing Right Hand Drive RWD Mini Cooper With A K20 Swapped Supercharged Engine. YOSOLO TUNED LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE.

B18 vtec mini vs turbo supra drag race @ York Raceway.
14.20 @ 95.7mph was my best time. Hard to put the power down even with launch control :P.

Mini Cooper + Hayabusa Motor Engine 1/4 Mile Drag Race Viertelmeile Beschleunigungsrennen Accele
Mini Cooper Suzuki Hayabusa Engine Motor (12,62 Sec)

2014 Australian Muscle Car Masters - Mini vs Mustang
2014 Australian Muscle Car Masters - Mini vs Mustang Anniversary Race.

My 14 year old son drag racing at santa pod in classic mini cooper sport 500 1275 mpi 2013
My son James drag racing for the first time in my year 2000 rover mini cooper sport 500. Factory standard 1275 mpi 62bhp mini.

Classic Mini 1/4 mile drag racing
1st run of the night. Too much wheelspin and missed 3rd gear. Managed a 15.4 second 1/4 mile. Best run of the night was 14.9 @ 90mph.

Drag racing Hal Far Malta - Austin Mini 1275cc
Run what you bring.

Classic mini Phat drag race
Drag race on pilling sands 2 classic mini vs ford fiesta and seat ibiza.

400+hp Rover Mini 1/4mile drag race
Juris Kuklis 400+hp 1990 Rover Mini 1/4mile drag race.

My Supra 712bhp vs Mini Rover Turbo T16 Engine - Santa Pod Raceway 2011

Mini Turbo Mini In The Park 1/4 mile drag
12.94 sec 1/4 mile.

The DON turbo Mini Force Racing record 11.1s 1/4 mile run
The DON running a new record for a single A series engined front wheel drive Mini, of 11.1s @ 124mph, at Santa Pod August 2010.