Merkur XR4TI Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Merkur XR4TI Drag Racing 8-30-2013
Friday night drag racing at qualcomm stadium Merkur XR4TI Drag Racing The Merkur XR4Ti was a short-lived United States and Canada-market ...

Merkur XR4Ti Turbo Drag Racing - Autocross - ProjectCarTVArchive - YouTube - ProjectCarTV
The Merkur XR4Ti was a short-lived United States and Canada-market version of the European Ford Sierra XR4i. It was the brainchild of then Ford Vice ...


1986 Merker XR4ti | Turbo Anti Lag | AutoX - Big Northwest Meet 2011
Autocross event @ BNW 2011.

Dyno Compilation - Kingpin - Merkur XR4Ti - 403whp/402ft-lb
A compilation of dyno pulls featuring Kingpin, a 1985 Merkur XR4Ti 403whp/402ft-lbs 21psi @ 7200 RPM For pics of this build go to: ...

Record Setting Merkur XR4Ti at the Bonneville Salt Flats
Rick Byrnes Merkur XR4Ti making a record setting pass at the Bonneville Salt Flats. As claimed in the video, his car was the production four cylinder car to break ...

Merkur XR4Ti
Merkur XR4Ti at Immokalee Fl dragstrip.

Top Gear Merkur Roadtrip
Full story here:

Merkur XR4Ti

1987 Merkur xr4ti Barn Find, IN MY BARN!
Bought this car 5 or so years ago, had 54000 miles on it. Had to but the rear deck from a 88 on it because the back window suffered a tempertransome (Green ...

SCCA Merkur Dyno Session at RpmNyc (Power Technica Garage)
Turbocharged 4.6L SCCA Merkur XR4Ti dyno session at RpmNyc (Power Technica Garage)

1988 Merkur XR4Ti Short Drive
Wife let me save this little guy from an untimely doom. A gentleman passed away and left this car to his family. It had been sitting in his garage or barn for about ...