Mercury Tracer Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

ford escort vs civic drag racing
99 ford escort vs 95 civic vtec.

Battle of the Beaters
Two guys take two scrap cars to the dragstrip on a regular points weekend to have some fun. The featured car is a '91 Ford Escort that was bought for $175 from ...

mudding with a mercury tracer Wendell's 1993 mercury tracer annoying windshield wipers, bad transmission, very bad ...

Mercury Tracer 4DR Sedan
The Tracer was Mercury's entry-level sedan since 1991. It was available in two trim levels: base and LTS. This video was only uploaded for historical/educational ...

95 Tracer 3" Exhaust
GTX engine, stock dp, 2 3" magnaflow race bullet mufflers, 1 Borla 3.5" canister.

Mercury Tracer donuts attempt
Trying to do some burnout and donuts with a Mercury Tracer until at 1:45 I finally get behind the wheel.

97 Mercury Tracer (after)
This is a quick look after i cleaned it up and a short drive. Someone Tried to paint over the original paint on the back door.

1991 Ford Escort GT Turbo on 16psi SF Kit - First Run.AVI
Self-Tuned On The Street no Dyno, MAP-ECU Not Real Computer Stock 91 Escort GT Engine with Stafford Fabrications Custom Turbo Kit, Garrett T3/T04E 60 ...

Mercury Cougar XR7 5 speed sleeper!
An Awesome video of everyones favorite cat, Das Cougar! Video features virtualy generated racing, flybys, exhaust sounds, and an interior and exterior ...

Mazsport and SP20 dragrace
Triple rotor second gen RX-7 versus a 4 rotor Mazda wagon. Just listen to the FC hit boost.

My 97 drag truck burnout

honda vtec vs tracer dohc 2
la revancha..estubo chila la carrera.