Mercury Sable Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1997 Mercury Sable Vs. Chevy Camaro Drag Race Lapeer, MI
Brought to you by: ! 1976 F-250 with a F.E. 360 engine vs a very fast Chevy Camaro at Lapeer Dragway.

GEN3 Taurus SHO Vs. 1997 Mercury Comet GS-R (Sable) 5-20-07
Brought to you by: ! This video shows a drag race between a 1997 Mercury Sable and a 1996 Ford Taurus SHO. Mercury Sable ...

Ford Mustang 5.0 vs 2003 Ford Taurus SES. Both just with bolt ons
OCCA Local Drag Racing. The Mustang run's in the high 9's all night and the Taurus runs in the mid 11's all night. I don't have exact times for this race but the ...

Sleepers Two Official Trailer This is a short documentary I made for a class. Using mostly my own found ...

Mercury Sable Autocross racing pt1
my buddies mercury sable racing at an autocross event in wi.

Chevy S10 vs Mercury Sable
alfords s10 being pulled by brads sable.

1999 mercury sable
jon's sable trying to drift.

Ford Taurus vs. Mercury Sable
Quick race.

2000 Mercury Sable DEATH BY SOLD BOOT!!!
the auction boots do one more kill before they retire and are shipped out to their new owner.

Sable vs GT
1994 Mercury Sable Vs, 1994 Ford Mustang 5.0.

99 mercury sable 0-100
0-100 in my 1999 mercury sable 24 valve dohc 3.0 v6. Had 100 lbs of sound system in the trunk and a passenger but either way the car isn't fast lol just thought ...

Mercury Sable Wagon Open Headers and roll over
V6 wagon with open heads By Ben Jardine.