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Mercury Sable Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1997 Mercury Sable Vs Taurus SHO Drag Race
A Drag Race between a 1997 Mercury Comet GS-R (Sable) Vs. GEN3 Taurus SHO at Lapeer Dragway. Brought to you by: http://www.fordthunderbird.net.

1997 Mercury Sable Vs. Chevy Camaro Drag Race Lapeer, MI
Brought to you by: http://www.fordthunderbird.net ! 1976 F-250 with a F.E. 360 engine vs a very fast Chevy Camaro at Lapeer Dragway.

Mercury Sable Autocross racing pt1
my buddies mercury sable racing at an autocross event in wi.

Rear brake pad replacement Ford Taurus 2008 Mercury Sable, Lincoln MKS, MKZ
Rear brake pad replacement Ford Taurus 2008 Mercury Sable. Install Remove Replace pads, brake rotor. To move the piston back in the left hand side (drivers s...

2008 Mercury Sable/ Quick Drive
Cars.com's Mike Hanley takes a look at the 2008 Mercury Sable. It competes with the Buick Lucerne and Chrysler 300. Shot,produced and edited by: Sarah Gersh.

2003 Mercury Sable 0-60
Flooring it from a stop in a Duratec 24v 200 hp V6 Sable. Looks like about 8.0 sec to me.

2000 Mercury Sable Walkaround and Drive
A short walkaround and test drive of my 2000 Mercury Sable. It has the 155hp 185lbft torque Vulcan V6.

supercharged mercury sable on the dyno.
Mercury sable with an SHO engine, a supercharger, and some nitrous. I think it was a little over 300hp on the engine and 380hp on nitrous.

A quick drag
So my friend thought it would be cool to race me in his Mercury Sable... it has the 3.8, so i gave him a car length and a half.

Monster Miata vs. Mercury Sable
Setting the bar in a 350 hp V8 Monster Miata. For a few camera phone pictures of the car and to see whats under the hood go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/...

2000 Mercury Sable 0-60
Mercury Sable with Duratec V6 engine 0-60. This car has been traded in for the 2006 Mercury Milan Premier V6.

Chevy S10 vs Mercury Sable
alfords s10 being pulled by brads sable.


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