Mercury Sable Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1997 Mercury Sable Vs Taurus SHO Drag Race
A Drag Race between a 1997 Mercury Comet GS-R (Sable) Vs. GEN3 Taurus SHO at Lapeer Dragway. Brought to you by:

1997 Mercury Sable Vs. Chevy Camaro Drag Race Lapeer, MI
Brought to you by: ! 1976 F-250 with a F.E. 360 engine vs a very fast Chevy Camaro at Lapeer Dragway.

Mercury Sable Autocross racing pt1
my buddies mercury sable racing at an autocross event in wi.

Sleepers Two Official Trailer This is a short documentary I made for a class. Using mostly my own found ...

1995 Mercury Sable 3.0 0-70
This is my 95 mercury sable 3.0 doing 0-70. I know she's not a race car but for her age she has quite the gitty up. I installed a speedometer from an SHO i saw at ...

2001 Mercury Sable / 2002 Ford Taurus Motor swap
Side project for a guys at work, 3.0 24 valve v6, engine swap from one wreck car to a car with a good body but blown motor.

1990 Mercury Sable GS Wagon Startup and Drive
Not a Toyota.

Mercury Sable 3.0 Ac compressor removal
Ac compressor removal ..Some Ford Taurus vehicles are removed the same..If the Taurus is 24 valve!!!

1997 Mercury Sable LS Wagon startup and drive
For sale in case you want one of these vehicles in your life.

Mercury Sable Field Abuse!
This was my first ever race was pathetic on the track so we decided to have some fun with it! Comment Rate Subscribe!

2004 Mercury Sable LS Wagon Startup, Engine, Tour & Overview
This thing is unexpectedly quick to drive...for a grocery getter.

I have not done a longer viddjaa in some time. Tech issues in head office will cause that! This is about a 2000 mercury sable coolant leak from the water pump ...