Mercury Capri Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

mercury capri drag race
fun ford weekend at norwalk OH. 12.70 pass.

1986 Mercury Capri Drag
Capri 351C (stock crank, ford rods, ford 4V heads) C4 9" vs Stroked 03 Mustang Cobra blower upgrade with solid axle 8.8. Capri ran 10.90's the Cobra ran Low ...

1979 Mercury Capri drag racing
Mike Croke's 1979 Mercury Capri and Mike Byrd's 1986 Ford Mustang at Firebird Raceway, Phoenix, Arizona circa 2003.

1991 Mercury Capri Drag Race
My first time drag racing. Car is 1991 90 HP Mercury Capri, all stock besides for five speed swap. National Trails Dragstrip in Ohio Import Face Off Spring 2014.

800hp SUPERCHARGED Capri - Stick Shift Domination!
A Mercury Capri is a pretty Rare nowadays, so its always a little bit of a shock when you see one in person. This Example is immaculate and happens to be ...

DRAG RACE SYROS 2012 ford capri by DYNO RACE paros

1979 Mercury Capri drag racing
Mike Croke's '79 Mercury Capri runs 12.00 at Firebird in Phoenix, AZ.

Ford Capri Mk3 Drag Race
Far Lane - Robert White - Pinto Powered - Classic Ford Show Near Lane - Neil Tallett - Ashton Pinto - Santa Pod Raceway Like the Facebook Page ...

Mercury Capri vs. FORD Fairmont Wagon DRAG RACE @ TMP
Drag Race from TMP featuring Crash's Capri and Fairmont City's Wagon. 1/4 Mile #1320.

1979 Mercury Capri drag racing
Mike Croke's Mercury Capri and Brandon's Ford Mustang at Speedworld near Phoenix, Arizona. The Capri had blown head gaskets which caused coolant to get ...

P1nks '81 Mercury Capri vs '75 Chevy Vega

300zx drag race against a early 80's mercury capri
This is a video of me racing at the Medicine Hat Dragway. I forget my time for that pass, but I was racing a low 12 second capri...hence the loss...I really should ...