Mercury Capri Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

800hp SUPERCHARGED Capri - Stick Shift Domination!
A Mercury Capri is a pretty Rare nowadays, so its always a little bit of a shock when you see one in person. This Example is immaculate and happens to be ...

1991 Mercury Capri Drag Race
My first time drag racing. Car is 1991 90 HP Mercury Capri, all stock besides for five speed swap. National Trails Dragstrip in Ohio Import Face Off Spring 2014.

mercury capri drag race
fun ford weekend at norwalk OH. 12.70 pass.

Low 8 second ALL Motor 1981 Ford Capri Drag Race - Rick Riccardi 8.22 @ 162 mph
2012 MIR World Cup Finals - Import vs Domestic Shot during the JPC Racing Sponsored - Street Fighter - ELIMINATIONS Believe this is his best MPH, he also ...

The roar of this Ford Coyote engine making 900 horsepower under the hood of this old school Capri is just madness! The I29 No Prep Series is one of the most ...

1986 Mercury Capri Drag
Capri 351C (stock crank, ford rods, ford 4V heads) C4 9" vs Stroked 03 Mustang Cobra blower upgrade with solid axle 8.8. Capri ran 10.90's the Cobra ran Low ...

514 mercury capri VS 408 ford mustang
sabotage vs 408stang (hugo vs rodrigo)

P1nks '81 Mercury Capri vs '75 Chevy Vega

Mercury Capri VS Chevy Camaro
Heads up street racing.

1985 mercury capri
1985 mercury capri 12.67 pass.

capri drag race
2008 fun ford weekend 12.72 pass @ summit motorsports park norwalk OH.

460 Mercury Capri
a quick history of my Capri.