Mercedes-Benz CL55-AMG Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

2004 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG on Nitrous Drag Racing 1/4 mile runs 10.9 @ 127.9 MPH
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SL500 vs Modified CL55 - Third race
My third drag race against Rich in his modified AMG CL55 and my fastest time - 14.8 at 98MPH - Onboard view here: ...

1st time at the track with THE BEAST... Orlando Speedworld Dragway. AMG hooked up good but IAT's were way up and lost power big time in 3rd gear.

ZL1 Camaro vs Cl500 Mercedes-Benz
Amazing white ZL1 Camaro races a CL55 Supercharged Mercedes-Benz (2004) The HD Speed Network now has a twitter! Subsrcibe to us on Youtube for ...

JSBenz Mercedes CL55 AMG vs Nissan GT-R
JSBenz fastest Mercedes CL55 AMG in the world against Nissan GT-R drag racing @ Countyline, FL. We had a little issue to hold the car on the green light but ...

Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

CL55 180mph pass at the Texas Mile - October 2010
Caren running 180mph in a CL55 at the Texas Mile in October 2010. Check out Follow us on Facebook ...

ZR1 Corvette is taken out by an E55 AMG Mercedes Drag Race for more videos ZR1 Corvette is taken out by an E55 AMG Mercedes. Both cars run well into the 11's the E55 only has a Renntech tune ...

CLS55 AMG Drag Racing
My CLS55 at a local 1/4 event. 40mph headwind and my new VVS CV3's came with budget tyres! Top Tip - don't mount camera to plate!!! shaky!

18.05.2013 r. - Drag race: S 320 CDI vs CL 55 AMG

CL600 VS CL550 Drag race II
CLS 4.7 bitrubo V8 410bhp vs CL600 5.5L biturbo V12 517bhp.

JSBenz Mercedes CL55 AMG vs Buick Grand National
JSBenz Mercedes CL55 AMG drag racing against a Buick Grand National in Countyline. We hold the record for the fastest CL55 AMG in the world. Check more ...