Mercedes-Benz C32-AMG Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

E55 AMG vs C32 AMG #2
Nitrous-equipped C32 runs dead-nuts with E55.

Mercedes C32 AMG Drag Race
Stock Mercedes C32 AMG at the drag strip.

Subaru STI vs Mercedes benz C32 AMG drag race
C32 is stock has high performance spark plugs when it was serviced @ 120000 miles, STI is tuned and modified... Looks like he gave up on this first run. We did ...

Mercedes Benz C32 AMG - Drift and Drag

M5 vs c32 AMG drag in GEORGIA
M5 vs c32 AMG drag in GEORGIA.

1st time at the track with THE BEAST... Orlando Speedworld Dragway. AMG hooked up good but IAT's were way up and lost power big time in 3rd gear.

Mercedes c32 amg vs BMW csl M3
A drag race between mercedes and bme.

Mercedes C32 AMG Vs SL55 side by side race
Both 100% stock down to the paper filters. 83 degree's out at PBIR. Stop C32 AMG Tint Scratches

telavi drag c32 amg vs clk55 amg

Mercedes Benz c32 AMG vs BMW X5 Hamann 4.8 turbo

Drag Race: BMW vs Mercedes Vs Audi (HQ) - Top Gear - Series 10 - BBC
Jeremy, James and Richard take the new BMW M3, Mercedes C63 AMG and Audi RS4 down to Spain for a thorough testing. And a drag race. Clip taken from ...

C32 AMG vs E500 (388 HP)
Drag Video.