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2007 Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed3 GT 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 0-60

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1/4 Mile ET: 14.058
1/4 Mile MPH: 99.400
1/8 Mile ET: 9.156
1/8 Mile MPH: 78.580
0-60 Foot ET: 2.278
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
Standing 1 Mile MPH:
Temperature F: 85.0
Density Altitude (DA): DA Calculator
Timeslip Scan: Mazda 3 Timeslip Scan
VBOX Graph:
VBOX 60-130 MPH:
VBOX Graph:
Car Make: Mazda
Car Model: 3
Car Type: Mazdaspeed3 GT
Car Year: 2007
Driver: Todd
E-Mail: Private
Videos: 3 Videos
Web Site:

Horsepower @ wheels: 221.00
Torque @ wheels: 257.00
Dyno Type: Dyno Dynamics @ LSE Performance
Dyno Graph: Mazda 3 Dyno Graph Results
Classifieds: 3 For Sale
Parts: 3 Parts

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 2007 Mazda 3 Mazdaspeed3 GT


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More Comments:

Thanks for posting an accurate time. Some of these MS3 owners are posting bogus times in the mid 13s with very ight mods. The're fast, but not THAT fast.

I can believe a 13.9 stock on a cool day(55) with some drag radials or slicks, but thats about it.

Nah, not that bad of a driver, just seems like a hard car to get off the line well (too much torque to the front wheels).

Actually for those of you who think a MS3 can't run in the mid 13's with light mods or mistaken. It can run in the low 13's and upper 12's with fairly light mods

Driver311 doesnt really have \

Sory Eric. You're dreaming. Either you are an MS3 owner with a warped sense of how fast your car is, or you don't know the definition of the word \

J.P. - It's a fact that a MS3 can run in the upper 12's with light mods. Hell with just an intake pple have run 13.6-13.8ish. Stock the MS3 can run 13.9 so wtf or you talking about????

I've ran 13.8@101 with just a SRI with a ****ty 60ft so I know what this car is capable of. J.P. - You obviously no **** about this car

Road & Track time 14.3; Motortrend 14.3; ar & Driver 14.4. There are good drivers.

Eric, I guess you drivr beter than car mag drivers. Save the big talk for your high school friends.

Car & Driver ran a 14.0 @101. Forgot that one huh??? Just grow up and accept the fact that a very mildly modded MS3 can run in the mid 13's easly and a stock one can run under 13 this is a fact. If those car mags have great drivers I myself and others with the car must be incredible then!! Those folks only have the car for a short time. PPL that own it get to figure out all the tricks and practice longer. Do you understand this???

I'm saying you are a flat-out liar. I keep up with MS3s all day in my stock wrx. I'm not ashamed to say it runs 14.5 or so. It's just what the car can do. MS3s are nce cars, they just can't do what you say. Period. The guy who posted here has \

The guy who posted here has light mods and ran over 14. I guess you are better than him too. Wow, maybe you should turn pro.

YOu didn't keep up with a MS3 in a stock WRX! There is no way in hell. Again you don't know what you're f'n talking about! With \

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6PGMi89qRo Watch the video. I don't know how many times I can prove you wrong dude. wrx & ms3, same 1/4 mile time. 14.5!

Dude! Yor aren't proven anybody wrong. All you're doing is making yourself look stupid by posting inaccurate info for ppl on the internet to see. MS3 is faster than a wrx period. MS3 can run under 14sec in the 1/4 stock. How many times to I have to prove you wrong sir?? I own the f'n car and have ran 14.1 in the 1/4 stock with intake I ran 13.8 in the 1/4 so stop talking about of your ass, thanks!

seems like your just upset that the MS3 is faster than your WRX and you're or here trying to vent. Anybody that knows anything about the MS3 knows it's faster than a WRX and runs the 1/4 in 14 sec flat or better stock. With light mods it's well into the 13's.

O.k....I just showed you visual evidence that the wrx runs the 1/4 mile the same as the ms3. I feel like I'm talking to a bag of hammers.

I have beat ms3s and I have been beaten by ms3s, but it is always close. You have a nice car, but stop spitting sh!t.

I am not wasting my time with you anymore. Have fun sitting around all your ms3 friends and exaggerating your 1/4 mile times.

Nobody is exaggerating anything! You're just in denial and don't what to face the fact that a MS3 can run in the high 13's stock and with mild mods can run low 13's high 12's. I own a MS3 and no many others that Have proven it's capabilities. ultimately however, if the WRX is slightly better than the MS3 driver than the WRX would mostly likely when in a 1/4 sprint but from a roll it's not contest, the MS3 walks the WRX.

J.P., check this link to see what a Mazdaspeed 3 with less than $500 in mods can do. How about 12.7@106mph

Here is the link. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6Lp-wZlzKVw

Less than $500 my A$$. I love MS3s, but why do you have to lie? Put another few grand of your dad's money into your car and you will be in the 11s. So what?

WRX... quick (sort of) but can't beat the MS3 without mods or vs'ing a crappy driver. I'll race you at the track with mine if you want. it's still stock right now.


i have a 2007 ms3 with 278 h to the wheels with some upgrades... torque wise im pushin 299 and my biggest problem is getting traction off the line... i could believe high 12s if traction wasnt an issue

(the legend)
sorry but a stock ms3 will not run sub 14 second quaters in stock trim. and im not biased in anyway as i drive an mr2 turbo which would beat you hands down anyway lol. its mainly due tot eh traction off the line, but it just deostn have the power to weight ratio to do it either.

hey guys.. I see we have some MSP haters....lol Quick question for you guys. I have a 08 MSP3 and have only ran it once and my best time was an 14.5 in the 1/4. As other people say it was hard for me to get traction and a good launch. Just got a SRI, E3 spark plugs and a short shifter and will take it to the track again but what is a best way to take off without spining so much??

I ran a 13.6 @ 105mph and all i have done is CAI, testpipe and a short through shifter. Believe what you guys want but I was chirping going into 5th and ran a 13.6 @ 105mph, it was only 76 degrees outside. I started heating up the tires and dropped .2 off my 60ft time so i had a 2.0 60 ft and ran a 13.8 @ 103mph and it was 98 degrees so with a cold night your looking at a LOW 13 sec pass

(Chad Priest)
I bought an 07' MS3 with 47k miles last weekend. Took it to the track Thurs nite and ran a 14.27@98.6mph. It is very capable of a high 13 second pass stock. I didn't mess with tire pressure, ice on intercooler, etc. Drove it in how I drive it everyday to work.

Just a CAI and a CBE stock tires 75 degrees at GJD 13.6 101, copy of time slip on mazdas247 forum sit and ther ar 10 or so cars runnining faster with sam or few mor mods.

MS3's runing low 13s/ high 12s?!? Hah! Such wild imaginations kids have these days. My cousin has an MS3 w/ an intake and my CLK550 (13.2sec 1/4m) beat him by 6 car lengths before I even got to 90! LOL. MS3's are low 14s cars, guys. That is the reality. It's a fast car for the price.

I know these posts are old but I need to say this. I own a 2007 MS3 and have Cobb/ DP and Intake with stage 2+ on the Cobb access port. Rebuilt OEM turbo and OEM Cat back. Running 100 Sunoco Octane and ran 13.1 @110mph on 100 Octane from Sunoco. I could have easily ran 12.3-12.6 but my tires sucked. I blow by STi's and Evo's all the time

Engine: 2.3l MZR DISI 4cyl
Boost Control:
Boost Pressure (psi):
Intercooler: Heatsoaked stock TMIC
Nitrous Kit/System:
Nitrous Shot:
Pistons (rotors):
Rings (seals):
Connecting Rods:
Throttle Body:
Intake & Air Filter:
Headers / Downpipe:



Computer ECU Chip Upgrade:
Spark Plugs:
Fuel Injectors:
Fuel Pump:
Clutch/Torq Conv:
Brake Rotors/Pads:
Tires: Factory
Weight with driver (lbs): 0
 Record Modified: January 18th, 2009

Additional parts, modifications, upgrades & information:
(0-60, weight, upgrades parts, etc...)

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