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Mazda RX-7 FC3S Tribute

Mazda rotary - wankel tribute
cosmo sport: r100 coupe: repu ...

Tribute vs Ranger
Both packing 2.3 four bangers under the hood, and me shifting the 5 speed Ranger resulting in the slowest drag race ever haha.

04 mazda tribute full exhaust clip
04 mazda tribute mods : Msds shorty race headers custom y pipe / sct tuned.

Toyota Hiace V8 turbo Van
Bert Willemsen's Toyota Hiace transport Van has run a best time of 8.9-seconds at 154mph over the quarter mile. Power comes from a Garrett turbocharged ...


Mazda 323 1.8 BP Turbo Drag Racing 13.7@104
My old 323. Had a 1.8 BP motor with some stock mazda turbo, 3" exhaust, vortech FMU 12:1, and 15psi falling to 10. Best pass was 13.5@104 this was a ...

Ultimate Mazda RX7 Turbo sounds compilation (Rotaries Only)
IMPORTANT: PLEASE follow the channel's account on Google+ to help make it verified! It's very important as there are some issues that would be more easily ...

Domestic Muscle vs Imports Drag Race
visit Domestic Muscle vs Imports Drag Race.

B18 EF Civic Hatch vs. Rotary Mazda | Evo | LS1 Camaro
For GGM// stickers n shirts go here Killacam went out to Orlando Speed World for ...

KBB Races a Mazda Miata - Part 3: The Build
Kelley Blue Book's spec Miata project is picking up steam. In the third part of our ongoing series sparks literally fly as we learn what's involved in making a Miata ...

Turbo RX-7 vs Mazda protege Turbo Racewaypark New Jersey