Mazda Tribute Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Tribute vs Ranger
Both packing 2.3 four bangers under the hood, and me shifting the 5 speed Ranger resulting in the slowest drag race ever haha.

04 mazda tribute full exhaust clip
04 mazda tribute mods : Msds shorty race headers custom y pipe / sct tuned.

Toyota Hiace V8 turbo Van
Bert Willemsen's Toyota Hiace transport Van has run a best time of 8.9-seconds at 154mph over the quarter mile. Power comes from a Garrett turbocharged ...


Mazda 323 1.8 BP Turbo Drag Racing 13.7@104
My old 323. Had a 1.8 BP motor with some stock mazda turbo, 3" exhaust, vortech FMU 12:1, and 15psi falling to 10. Best pass was 13.5@104 this was a ...

KBB Races a Mazda Miata - Part 3: The Build
Kelley Blue Book's spec Miata project is picking up steam. In the third part of our ongoing series sparks literally fly as we learn what's involved in making a Miata ...

Ultimate Mazda RX7 Turbo sounds compilation (Rotaries Only)
IMPORTANT: PLEASE follow the channel's account on Google+ to help make it verified! It's very important as there are some issues that would be more easily ...

Turbo RX-7 vs Mazda protege Turbo Racewaypark New Jersey

Domestic Muscle vs Imports Drag Race
visit Domestic Muscle vs Imports Drag Race.

Mazda RX-2 Drag Race Burnout
I found this video a few years back and downloaded it. So, I thought I'd share it here... It looks like it may be from "Down unda!"

drag racing tribute
drag racing tribute music detriot rock city by kiss.

Toped out mazda tribute
I just wanted to go fast.