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Mazda RX-7 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Eclipse vs RX-7 Drag Race
visit http://import2race.com Mitsubishi Eclipse vs Mazda RX-7 Drag Race at E-town New Jersey.

Mazda RX7 Race Car
Danny Bradshaw's 1979 EP/SPU Mazda RX7 Racecar.. The car races at Portland International Raceway and in the Northwest area of the United States. The car has ...

Drag Racing - Mazda RX-7 (9.62) Street Class World Record
Drag Racing - Mazda RX-7 (9.62) Street Class World Record.

Curran Bros. Racing Drag RX7 (Crashes!!)
Rotang goin' outta control at HIGH SPEED!!

RX-7 Race, Curacao Drag Fest 2011(HD)

20B turbo Mazda RX-7 - Promaz
Charles' Promaz modified FD RX-7 racing for the first time. The car features a second-hand import 20B triple rotary engine, Garrett GTX42R turbo on 12psi boo...

drag racing rotary moroso import face off 02/21/2010 Mazda Rx7 Turbo
drag racing rotary moroso import face off 02/21/2010 Mazda Rx7 Turbo.

Mazda Rx7 Race Car Idle & Rev Peripheral Port
On Track Video: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=lUySZ8RgNAg Our racing car, a series 2 Mazda Rx7 warming up, it has a 13b Peripheral Ported Rotary engine.

Drag racing Mazda rx7 turbo
countyline dragway turbo import vs domestic.

Mazda Rx7 FD (Slammed Productions)
This simply stunning FD, its white Work meisters and simple touches its clean look makes it stand out amongst the rest. Perfect sunday car :) As for the vide...

Old School 7 Second Turbo Mazda RX7 Drag race vs twin, Rotary 7.99 @ 158 mpp Import Wars NED
Almost identical Mazda Rx7 race cars line up, one of them makes a serious pass at 7.99 at 158mph! Really closed on the back end a lot. Both were beautiful ca...

dmitrij sribnyj drag race on stock mazda rx7@ santa pod 03/05/2008
my first rx7 fd3s back in 2008 had it on 1/4 mile not for a win , but for fun...almost stock car, apart from straight exhaust and freeflow induction.....=) 1...

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