Mazda Protege Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

St Thomas dragway. Test and Tune car has some mods.

The rotary power mazda protege 5 Maralma Racing summary of records in the 2013 racing season !!!

CorkSport Protege Drag Car 11.6s Lap

Turbo RX-7 vs Mazda protege Turbo Racewaypark New Jersey

2008 mazdaspeed3 vs 2003 mazdaspeed protege
I thought i would upload a video of my 2008 mazdaspeed 3 1/4mile since i did not have any on YouTube this video is from 2009 car has about 3000kms in this ...

Chevy S10 vs. Mazda Protege Oval Track Spectator Drag Race
2001 Chevrolet S10 4.3 Liter V6 Spectator Drag Race I had him at the launch, should have cut in front of him.

Mazda Protege Racing

mazdaspeed protege vs 350z
1/4 mile Mirabel.

MazdaSpeed Protege vs. Ford Mustang GT 1/4 mile quarter
MazdaSpeed Protege vs. Ford Mustang GT Mustang wins.

mazdaspeed protege vs RX8
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( DRAG RACE.

Toyota Celica vs. Mazda Protege Drag Race
Before you start dissing, just know this was for fun. Both cars were nothing special, and we just wanted to have fun!!

protege sale video
Turbo race car for sale. You think a Supra, Skyline is cool, Check this out!! Professionally built and tuned in Los Angeles, California Vehicle has California Plates.