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Mazda 626 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

mazda 626 turbo
1991 Mazda 626 DX with 2.2L 12 valve F2 motor MTX. Here's the intimate details of the turbo install.. no special care was taken what so ever during the ins. ...

Buick Regal GS vs Mazda 626 KLZE Drag St-Eustache 1/8 mille
regal avec ordi chipper , poullie supercharged, cold air intake et un cylindre qui manquais de compression ... loll Il va revenir en force !!!

Street Racing Import Cars Mazda MX6 Turbo Drag Race
Mazda MX6 meet film from 2003.

Mazda 626 2,5i GT V6 24V DOHC @ 170 HP

Fully Restored 1991 Mazda 626 5-spd Walkaround (2014 Washington auto show)
Pretty neat little display Mazda had! It was interesting hearing how many people walked by and went OMG LOOK AT THE SEATBELTS.

Mazda 626 vs Chevy 454(la negra)
Mazda 626 vs Chevy 454 at organized night time drag racing event. Low Res and poor lighting warning. Same GF 626 as caught in this video here: https://www.yo...

Rallye Etappe Mazda 626 Steiermark
Robert and myself on the way through styria. Not the fastest but the funniest.

Alfa 145,2.0,16V VS. Mazda 626,2.2,12V RACE 2!
Mački iz Brezovice!

Mazda 626 vs Honda Civic FD 1st round
Drag race.

Mazda 626 GF // Mazdaspeed.pl

Mazda 626 GF
My 1998 Mazda 626 GF - song: Jet - Cold Heart Bitch.

Mazda MX6 vs Mazda MX6, Drag Racing HD
Oct 16 2011 At Rockingham Dragway NC, Phantasm Drag Wars Event, 1/4 Mile, 402 Meters.

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