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Mazda 626 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Eparts.lv Drag Meeting 2011 Dragrace: Mazda 626 Coupe VS Honda Prelude
Eparts.lv Drag Meeting 2011 Dragrace: Mazda 626 Coupe VS Honda Prelude.

Drag mazda 323 1.5 liter engine vs. mazda 626 liter engine
A new owner of mazda 626 wana test it vs. my 323.

Buick Regal GS vs Mazda 626 KLZE Drag St-Eustache 1/8 mille
regal avec ordi chipper , poullie supercharged, cold air intake et un cylindre qui manquais de compression ... loll Il va revenir en force !!!

Mazda 626 vs Honda Civic FD
Drag race.

Summer drags 2010 rx3 v 626
Mazda Rx3 v Mazda 626.

Mazda 626 Snow Ramp Fail!
Mazda 626 in europe in an epic snow ramp fail! link to discussion: http://mazda626.net/topic/42665-random-626-racing-videos/

dodge neon 2004 races vrs mazda 626 v6
racing at sigua!

mazda 626 klde rsd
racing my wife in her gp at real street drags, i let her roll out one car before i went, she beat me by less than 2 hundreths of a second, and i trapped 2 mp...

Kevin Reziggie vs. Mazda 626
Spectator Drags Seekonk Speedway 10/14/2012 Pumpkin Smash Spooktactular.

mazda 626 klze vs fire fly race car
its pretty loud but pathetic.

Big burnouts & drag - 13B Mazda 323
Andrew's Mazda rotary turbo runs a P.B at Heathcote Raceway. The 323 is powered by a Promaz Automotive race 13B bridge port rotary engine and boosted by a Ga...

Mazda 626 Turbo at Mallala
Mazda 626 F2T Racing at Mallala Oct 2009. Full street trim, no mods. 4WS not working at the time. 350000km original engine and reconditioned turbo. 4 Speed ...

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