Mazda 626 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

GF Mazda 626 drag racing white car
What looks to be a 2000 GF Mazda626 drag racing at an organized racing event link to discussion:

Mazda 626 twin turbo V8
David Darwin's Mazda 626 runs into the 9s at Heathcote Raceway. The car is setup primarily for high speed events rather than drag racing and is powered by a ...

Mazda 626 FE-DOHC Turbo wagon drag run 11.7 @ 121MPH
Calder Park, 30/4/2010.

forum,ge drag race 2009 year (mr2, altezza, mazda 626).
forum,ge drag race 2009 year (mr2, altezza, mazda 626).

Drag mazda 323 1.5 liter engine vs. mazda 626 liter engine
A new owner of mazda 626 wana test it vs. my 323.


Bmw 740 vs Mazda 626 dragrace

bmw 740 vs mazda 626 dragrace.

Mazda 626 vs Chevy 454(la negra)
Mazda 626 vs Chevy 454 at organized night time drag racing event. Low Res and poor lighting warning. Same GF 626 as caught in this video here: ...

4 and Rotary nationals 2008 MASH Mazda 626
the Mad Az Skid Hack 2008 Meremere.

Mazda 626 with NOS and Turbo VS Mustang

ORX-626 - 1982 Mazda 626 with 13B Turbo
The footage is from a Time-attack trackday on the front straight at Queensland Raceway.