Mazda 323 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Big burnouts & drag - 13B Mazda 323
Andrew's Mazda rotary turbo runs a P.B at Heathcote Raceway. The 323 is powered by a Promaz Automotive race 13B bridge port rotary engine and boosted by ...

Nissan Skyline GTS Vs. Mazda 323 Turbo 4X4 Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - KiskunLacháza [2008 - 06 - 14] 1/4 Mile.

Mazda 323 F2T conversion Drag race
Mazda 323 F2T conversion the engine is stock with upgraded turbo and 1000cc injectors Drag race against Mazda Mps Mazda 323 build by R&R Developments ...

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Vs. Mazda 323 GT Turbo Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - Fertőszentmiklós [2009 - 05 - 17]

Mazda 323 F2T Turbo drag
Mazda 323 F2T turbo conversion running Spitronics ECU system. Owner Rynard Harman @ R&R Developments 396 Gerrit Maritz street Pretoria North Rian: ...

Fiat Uno Turbo i.e vs. Mazda 323 Drag Race
2008.09.27 Tököl 1/4 Mile Drag Race,

Volvo S60 vs Mazda 323 drag race
Volvo S60 vs Mazda 323 drag race.

Puerto Rico Drag Race Street Mazda 323
Mazda 323 desde el pueblo De Yauco.

Mazda 323 1.8 BP Turbo Drag Racing 13.7@104
My old 323. Had a 1.8 BP motor with some stock mazda turbo, 3" exhaust, vortech FMU 12:1, and 15psi falling to 10. Best pass was 13.5@104 this was a ...

Mazda 323 wagon drag racing burnout
3rd gear burnout in my mazda wagon in 3rd gear makes some nice has run 12.34 @ 123.

Reisbrennen 2011 Oschersleben Drag Race: Mazda 323 GTX Turbo vs Nissan GTR R35

Honda s2000 turbo burnout and drag race vs Mazda 323 (Onboard HD Video)
Turbo Honda s2000 vs Mazda 323 in a drag race in Lithuania.