Lincoln Mark-VII Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

5 speed Lincoln Mark VII 1/4 mile drag
slow run, stock motor with street tires.

My LS1 Caprice vs Twin Turbo 5sp Lincoln Mark VII
This is my LS1 Caprice, named Christine racing my friends nice ass Twin Turbo, 5 spd Lincoln Mark VII.

Drag Race: Lincoln vs. Chevy
1996 Chevrolet C2500 vs 1988 Lincoln Mark VII.

chad hotrod mark VII
5 speed twin turbo mark VII.

1987 Lincoln Mark VII - 14.96 @ 92.47
Video from March of '04. First time out with the 5 speed...

Pauls Mark VII 11.44 pass
Stock suspension. Loaded full-leather interior. Functioning power everything. 93 octane. With mufflers.

Lincoln Mark 8 Dragster 1/4 Mile Run
Lincoln Mark VIII Dragster runs 7 sec in 1/4 mile 2 speed powerglide bryant crank 598 aluminum block 460 460 prostock heads.

Twin Turbo Lincoln practice launches
I just got some new ET Streets and wanted to try them out. They do alright but need a bit of work....

1987 Lincoln Mark VII 15.6 pass
This was back in June of 2003. Still an automatic with exhaust and 4.10s.

Lincoln Mark VII
Lincoln Mark VII 3rd run.

Lincoln Mark VII LSC at the track
Stock LSC at the track running 16.2. Stock with Full tank and very hot weather. 72k miles.

My 5 speed Lincoln Mark VII
A bad 1/4 mile pass. But it was still fun. You can hear my uncle and brother expressing their disappointment.