Lincoln LS Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Lincoln LS vs. Integra
My first time w/ the lincoln at the track, only pass of the night. i had a .493 reaction and ran a 15.131 @ 95.29 mph 1/4 mile. ****new best time is 14.587 ...

lincoln ls drag
lincoln ls dragging.

Lincoln LS vs. Evo
My 2000 lincoln lS V8 racing a Mistubishi Evolution. I had a late R/T of .565 and the evo hauled outta there w/ a R/T of .010. I ran a 14.84@ 95.91 and the Evo ...

05 Lincoln LS vs Mustang

2005 Lincoln LS (100 shot nitrous) -vs- LS1 GTO
2005 Lincoln LS with bolt ons and 100 progressive wetshot nitrous. So far LS best ET and trap speed of 13.3 @ 106.5 MPH in the 1/4 mile.

Lincoln LS Drag Run 1/4 Mile 15.51
The ol Lincoln LS with 110K+ miles. It will run 14.70's on a cooler night. Ran 15.20 this night.

2006 Lincoln LS - 1/4 Mile
'06 LS with K&N intake and rear mufflers deleted. Both runs 14.7 @ 95mph.

08 chevy vs 2002 Lincoln ls
08 chevy efi live s&b cold air. 02 Lincoln ls v8 this is a grudge race.

05 Lincoln LS on 100 shot nitrous -vs- 97 Cobra

BTI Lincoln LS Turbo Run

The 800hp AWD Cutlass!? - vs - 800hp Jeep SRT-8
This extremely unique, home built ALL WHEEL DRIVE AWD Oldsmobile blew up the Internet in the past with it's infamous Driveway burnout... we ran into him at ...

My LS1 Caprice vs Twin Turbo 5sp Lincoln Mark VII
This is my LS1 Caprice, named Christine racing my friends nice ass Twin Turbo, 5 spd Lincoln Mark VII.