Lexus Soarer Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Jamie Panik drifting Lexus SC300 Soarer Z30 at Three Palms Speedway Jamie Panik drifting Lexus SC300 Soarer Z30 at Three Palms Speedway.

8-second 2JZ Soarer
Mark's Toyota Soarer street car hits the blacktop at Calder Park. The 2JZ is aided by a HKS T51R turbocharger, MoTeC E85 fuel system and tuned by D'Annello ...

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Toyota Soarer LEXUS SC 400 V8 Drift @ Essen Motorshow
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Toyota Soarer Drag race
twin turbo.

9-Sec 2JZ SC300 | DSPORT Magazine
Rocky Mountain Street SC Fights For Nines For those living at or near sea level, it's much easier to breathe and make horsepower than it would be for someone ...

Soarer Lexus SC400 Supercharged
Soarer with Raptor Supercharger.

tuning of the AWD Soarer, 1000AWHP
that is originanly RWD Toyota Soarer (Lexus SC300) with incorporated AWD system. drag car.

soarer turbo (1jz-gte) vs altezza turbo (3-sge) drag
soarer turbo 2.5 (1jz-gte) vs altezza turbo 2.0 (3-sge) drag in tbilisi georgia astra park.

Drag racing Mazda MX5 big turbo conversion 450bhp Santapod 2016
My mate's MX5 with Lexus Soarer big turbo engine conversion drag racing at Santapod 28-Feb-2016. Sorry about the shaky camera, it was on max zoom!

Soarer vs 2JZ aristo
Getting beaten by a Toyota Aristo (2jz) in my Soarer (V8) (sorry about the shaky filming )

First Drag Race Sc400 vs Soarer
(camera in car) SC400 NA V8 1UZ-FE Vs Toyota Soarer 1JZ GTE Twin Turbo @ Thunder Mountain Race Way Ain't no replacement for displacement folks :D.