Lexus GS450h Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Lexus GS 450h, LS 460 AWD, IS 220d Drag Race (Head To Head)
Lexus GS 450h, LS 460 AWD, IS 220d Drag Race (Head To Head) subscribe to the link for More Related videos!

Fifth Gear - Team Test - 2013 Lexus GS450h (HD)
The guys at Fifth Gear review the 2013 Lexus GS450h Hybrid. Subscribe for more!!

Drag Race: 2012 Lexus LFA vs 2010 Nissan GT-R
We pit Lexus' first-ever supercar -- the $400000 Lexus LFA -- against our long-term Nissan GT-R to find out which one is the king of the JDMs. Read the full story ...

Lexus GS - "Heartbeat"
Hybrid means respect, calm, harmony. What if it now also meant adrenaline? Lexus set out to see if some select Guests could keep their heart rate under 120 ...

Lexus GS430 Drag Racing
Lexus GS430 Capitol Raceway.

Lexus gs450h vs. Ford Mustang
Lexus win!)

BMW 335i vs Lexus GS 450h 0-260
I tought a BMW 335i was faster than an Hybrid Lexus..but......I was wrong...

Did Infiniti out hybrid Lexus?
Motor Trend puts the all new Infiniti M35h hybrid to the test. This car has more power, better performance, and higher fuel economy than the Lexus GS450h.

2007 GS450h 1/4 mile track inside car
November 10, 2013 Ennis, Texas GS450h ran 13.952 @102.81.

Audi A5 Coupe Revo St 1 vs Lexus GS 450h Stock S 2 720

Lexus GS Dragging.wmv
A quick raw clip of our friend Ernie railing his show winning Lexus GS. We love that this car actually lays out flat. No cheater blocks under there, the car lays the ...

Lexus GS 350 AWD VS Lexus LS 460 street race гонка
GS won by 3 or 4 cars / выиграл на 3 корпуса Drag / street racing Lexus GS350 AWD stock/R17 Lexus LS460 RWD ottoman stock/R19 Гонка стрит / драг ...