Lexus GS400 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1999 Lexus GS400 1/4 Mile
Car info: 1UZFE VVTI Open Differential Bone Stock RT - .472 60' - 2.29 1/4 - 15.09 Trap - 93.27.

Lexus GS430 Drag Racing
Lexus GS430 Capitol Raceway.

Lexus GS400 vs. Mercedes-Benz 400E
First time drag racing my stock GS400. Wanted to get a baseline. This was my fastest time of the day. 02/05/11.

350z vs GS400 vs Integra
GS400 wins.

GS400 VS IS350
Good 'ol Lexus drag race @ SELOC March '08 event in Reynolds GA 75* temps.

GS400 1-110 mph run
Just a video of me playing around in my 2000 Lexus GS400.

900 HP Luxo Lexus Turbo V8 GS Street Test from Nelson Racing Engines.
This is a beautiful 900 HP Turbo GS Lexus that tom has finished for a long time friend. Tom and Scott take the car for a drive and talk about this car. Its a cool ride ...

Lexus GS Dragging.wmv
A quick raw clip of our friend Ernie railing his show winning Lexus GS. We love that this car actually lays out flat. No cheater blocks under there, the car lays the ...

Lexus GS400 @ irwindale "the pursuit event"
running my cousins 240.

Lexus GS430 VS Charger R/T
2004 GS430 4.3 VS 2006 Charger R/T 5.7 Both cars stock. 1st Run GS slid on rocks no traction 2nd Run got em, stop at yellow sign 3rd Run Ran out of memory ...

1000hp 4 Door Lexus on the STREET - FL2K13
ORDER the full feature FL2K download at Watch this high powered family sedan take down some fast cars down in Florida ...

1999 Lexus GS400 Speed Ventures Autocross 01/14/12
Running my 1999 Lexus GS400 through the autocross. It's completely stock besides the wheels, tires & Intake. This was my best time of the day. 01/14/12.