Kawasaki ZZR600 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Stretched ZZR600 vs Honda CBR1000RR | Drag Race
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Kawasaki ZZR600 Drag Racing at NED vs. Prepared Drag Bike
Kawasaki ZZR600, stock except a jet kit, trapping 121mph, and ridden against a prepared drag bike in the 9s.

ZZR 600 Quarter Mile Racing - Santa Pod Raceway
Just to show that the older ZZR's can still keep up with the newer sportsbikes! The first race was a blatant win, the second would've been a win if I hadn't let the ...

2007 ZZR600 Drag Race
This is my 2007 Kawasaki ZZR600 at the track. Mods are Yoshimura RS3 carbon and timing advancer. I still have more mods planned that should easily get me ...

Drunkest man alive, my ZZR600 and Dick Johnson.

jons zzr vs gsxr 750
zzr 600 vs gsxr 750. I'm in the right lane.

600 ZZR vs. Ducati 1/4 Mile
The Ducati won.

maverick's R6 VS. a zzr 600
this was a riding friend of mine.

Yamaha Raptor ATV vs Kawasaki ZZR 600

ZZR 600 1/4 MILE
2007 ZZR 600, 2ND pass ever, racing a 2007 ZX-14 .081 Reaction .355 2.025 60 1.831 5.158 330 4.747 7.703 660 7.159 96.89 MPH1 105.77 9.924 1000 9.202 ...

jeremy at numidia raceway 2010 zzr600
drag racing.

first ever drag on my ZZR600
like the title says this is my first ever run down the strip on my bike, i love constructive criticism but please donot comment on this video without first watching the ...