Kawasaki ZZR12 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

ZZR1200 At the Dragstrip
First time, tough getting off the line. Got smoked by a modded Busa.

kawasaki zzr1200 50 mph baby wheelie

zzr1200 zzr motorcycle Kawasaki

zx-12r drag racing kawasaki zx12r

KAWASAKI ZZR1200 in action
Vanishing point on Moscow 4TR.

Stretched ZZR600 vs Honda CBR1000RR | Drag Race
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Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 - Review (2003)
Alex Hearn, Antony Loveless, Bertie Simmonds, Kevin Ash, and Louise Brady, give us a fantastic insight into the Kawasaki ZZ-R1200, looking at several ...

Chris Cedar Creek Oct. 04 2008 ZZR1200
ZZR 1200.

Zzr1200 fly by
Quick fly by on the zzr1200.

kawasaki ZZR1200 デルケビック スリップオンサイレンサー サウンド Delkevic Slip-on Sound
ZZR1200 2005年式インナーバッフル無し 取り付け大変 音質はSTDのどすの利いた低音が大きくなった感じ 排圧はあまりない マイルドな音質 高回転さほ...

kawasaki zzr1200 viper cans
Well i did it and finally bought the bike i allways wanted and got rid of the beemer and have to say this is a completely different animal altogether. My only ...

ZZR1200 vs ZX14
Not mine...