Kawasaki Z1RTC Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Kawasaki Z1r Turbo on the road
Obviously on a closed circuit road! And after watching this clip i'd better turn the boost down :(

Kawasaki Z1r TURBO
After yet another engine rebuild, the crank has been welded and the TC is back in the game!

1974 Kawasaki Z1 Dragbike in 1985 "Old Zs Never Die!"
This is a 25 yo (1985) VHS video of my old Z1 making a 9.54 pass. This is a 7-time National Record Holding Z1. All-time bests are 9.39 @ 138 in the 1/4 and ...

Just a video of the fire up of my 300 horsepower turbo charged 1978 Z1R turbo drag bike. Here's a link to my new bike with a similar motor on alcohol.

Kawasaki 200HP Turbo
Kawasaki drag bike being prepared for steet riding.

Kawasaki Zx12r turbo @ 9000rpm and 20psi boost
This is my personal Drag bike Went to the dyno to sort out fueling 341hp 292nm torque @20psi boost 9000rpm.


Kawasaki Z Dia Show

Which is louder?

Moriwaki Erster Start


Moriwaki zweiter Lauf 1/2