Kawasaki Z1 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Kawasaki 900 Z1 vs. Moto Guzzi Gt 850 Finowfurt / Germany
5. start -race 76... Kawasaki 900 Z1 super four vs. moto guzzi gt 850 (Z1 is winner) - in finowfurt/germany.

First time drag racing my 1975 Z1
Cedar valley street rods day at the drags 2010 was the first time I ran one of my motorcycles down a drag strip. Lots of un! Now putting a dragbike together to race in 2012.

1974 Kawasaki Z1 Dragbike in 1985 "Old Zs Never Die!"
This is a 25 yo (1985) VHS video of my old Z1 making a 9.54 pass. This is a 7-time National Record Holding Z1. All-time bests are 9.39 @ 138 in the 1/4 and 5.87 @ 116 in the 1/8th. I bought...

KZ900 Drag Bike - Built by Frank's Cycle Shop, Melbourne FL
Best time 8.60 sec @ 151 mph. Wiseco 15:1 1430cc - Frank's Cycle Shop in Melbourne. 39 years experience, Warren Cramer sole proprietor. Engine Rebuilding Specialist. Also Servicing and Repairing...

Kz 900 Drag Bike Run's 9.0's(Part) 3

This is the complete 1973 Z1 900 Daytona records video.."SO FAR SO FAST." The Z1 shattered the 24 hour World Record with an average speed of 109.641mph plus 45 other speed records. The #2...

May 9th 1425cc break in kawasaki drag bike

Bare Bone Rides Custom 1986 Kawasaki KZ1000P Drag Bike / Mad Max Build (Fired-Up)
yeahhhh, the Bare Bone Rides Brothers (a.k.a., The Lang Brothers) have recently unveiled another customer build (April 2013). It started off as a "project" bike that our customer picked-up...

Kawasaki Drag Bike Perry Paugh Norwalk Summit Winning run
Kawasaki Drag Bike Perry Paugh Norwalk Summit Winner. Runs a 8.90 on a 9.00 dial in.Perry Paugh Z1 drag bike Kosman pro-stock chassis 1428cc. Perry let's off the throttle at the end and still...

Kawasaki Funny Bike 6.84 203mph
Chip Ellis on Steve Rice's Kawasaki Funny Bike carrying the front wheel the entire 1/4 mile!!! zrx turbo zx12r.

Kawasaki Z1 Dragbike in 1985 with Lisa Kelly
This Clip was shot in 1985 by Tom Hoover and edited by Craig Smith. It features Lisa Kelly of the "Celtic Woman" performing her hit "The Voice" Music mimmics the events and pace of our lives!...

Kz 900 Drag Bike Run's 9.0's (Part) 4