Kawasaki Ninja Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

WOW! That was fast!!!Turbo Hayabusa vs Kawasaki Ninja-drag race
Super fast motorbikes,o yes!!Crazy Fast Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa takes on Kawasaki Ninja,those two of Japanese superbikes are so fast.The best raving of super bikes,acceleration,top speed and burnouts.

The best street bikes drag racing,R6 vs CBR 1000RR,Kawasaki Ninja and Kawasaki vs Hayabusa.
Kawasaki ZX9r,Honda CBR 1000RR,Yamaha R6,Hayabusa Suzuki.New street motorbikes racing,top speed,acceleration,burnouts of the best of bikes.Let's see who's the fastest.

Hayabusa vs Kawasaki Ninja -1/4 mile drag race of street bikes
The best racing of street bikes.Is Hayabusa fastest than Kawasaki Ninja.The best of motorbikes drag race,burnouts,top speed and acceleration.Who's the fastest?

Kawasaki vs Hayabusa - drag race
Kawasaki Ninja zx14r takes on modified Suzuki Hayabusa in 1/4 mile drag race,insane sound top speed and acceleration of Hayabusa nad Kawasaki Ninja.The best of motorbikes.

AHRS Drag Bike Championship Kelas Kawasaki Ninja 150 cc frame std AHRS series 4 bantul 2014 FULL HD
drag bike indonesia terbaru - indonesia dag bike terbaru ramainya kelas Kawasaki Ninja 150 rangka std yang menghangatkan aspal bantul pada ajang drag bike ahrs carghloss series 4 Bantul jogjakarta...

Kawasaki Ninja vs Suzuki GSXR 1000 - drag race
Kawasaki Ninja zx14r takes on Suzuki gsxr 1000r in 1/4 mile drag race.Two of the best motorbikes top speed,acceleration,burnout and race.Who's the quickest ? Top bikes of 2017.

8 second Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle drag racing 2014-2015
Check out Chris Doty on his all motor 8 second Kawasaki Ninja zx-10r motorcycle drag racing at the Nhdro series 2014-2015 taking out Suzuki's, Hayabusa's, zx14s and other liter bikes along...

Kawasaki H2 vs Nissan GTR Bike vs Car Drag Race
Kawasaki invited us to a race, then they told us it would be the H2 vs a GTR! We know how fast the H2 and H2R is but we had no idea what these guys were coming with, check out what happens...

8.9@158mph Kawasaki zx14r Ninja motorcycle drag racing 2012
8.9@158 mph Terrance Babbage riding the Brocks Performance Kawasaki zx14r motorcycle drag racing Edgewater 2012. To my understanding this blue beast is pure street bike, mostly stock! Some...

HEBOH !!! Kawasaki Ninja 250 Lawan FizR siapakah yang menang ?? Tonton Sendiri
HEBOH !!! Kawasaki Ninja 250 Lawan FizR siapakah yang menang?? Tonton Sendiri ================= Link Video : https://youtu.be/hlyuim7AeAw Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bosh_genk/ subscribe...

170mph+ Supercharged Kawasaki H2 Drag Racing
Check out this modded Kawasaki H2 testing and tuning at Cecil County Drag Strip! Supercharged 1000cc Superbike.

Super street bike race-Kawasaki Ninja vs Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R
Super fast motorbikes racing-Suzuki GSX1300R vs pro mod Kawasaki Ninja,sound,burnout,drag race,acceleration.