Jensen Interceptor Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Jensen interceptor in drag race final
Jensen Interceptor runs in final drag race in 'Hotrod' at York July 09.

Jensen interceptor drag race in car shot

jensen interceptor vs shelby mustang 350gt
thanks everyone - great day!!!!!!!

Jensen Interceptor III - Loud Soundcheck and Drive Away
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Jensen Interceptor vs T350 TVR
Shakespeare County Raceway Drag Race.

Jensen Interceptor R Supercharged on the track
The Interceptor R Supercharged out to play, pit-lane drive-by. Not at all what you expect from an old car, just look at it go.... and that sound!!!!

Copy of Jensen interceptor in drag race final

My nitroused TVR against my mates rather powerful Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor
Drag racing fun NSCC.

Jensen Interceptor vs Ozzys Pop
Getting hammered by BGP at a NSCC meeting.

Jensen Interceptor at a very damp Kirkbride
Meeting set up by the straight liners.

Jensen racing at York 31st August