Jensen Interceptor Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Jensen interceptor in drag race final
Jensen Interceptor runs in final drag race in 'Hotrod' at York July 09.

Jensen interceptor drag race in car shot

Jensen Interceptor vs T350 TVR
Shakespeare County Raceway Drag Race.

Copy of Jensen interceptor in drag race final

Jensen Interceptor
Drag racing fun NSCC.

Jensen Interceptor vs V8 Chevette
NSCC Drag racing at York.

British sports cars challenge - Top Gear - BBC
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take to the track in their classic British sports cars as they go head-to-head in a race. But can any of them ...

jensen interceptor vs shelby mustang 350gt
thanks everyone - great day!!!!!!!

'' Its been Emotional ''

The car's the star Jensen Interceptor part 1
Part 1 of The car's the star. This time featuring the Jensen interceptor. Some of the clip is missing I'm afraid.

JENSEN INTERCEPTOR MKIII 1971 - Test drive in top gear - Engine sound | SCC TV
What to think about the Jensen Interceptor MKIII? I am certainly not an expert, but I think Jensen cars weren't anything of two worlds. The cars to me feel way to ...

Jensen Interceptor with Six Pack EFI Racing on a Short Road Course
The F&B Performance six pack EFI 1974 Jensen Interceptor mixing it up at Adams Motorsports park with the Factory Five Cobras and Coupes. 2200 lbs heavier ...