Jaguar XJS Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Nitrous oxide Jaguar XJS drag race - Top Gear - BBC
Can an old, clapped out £250 Jaguar XJS beat a host of supercars in a drag race? Its chances are dramatically improved if you strap a couple of canisters of ...

XJS drag.MPG
My Jaguar XJS race car at a RWYB drag race.

Histocup 2015 Slovakiaring 1st race - Onboard Jaguar XJS hunting GT40
This was fun and great battle.

Mercedes Benz S65 AMG vs Jaguar XJL Supersport vs

Nitro Jaguar XJS dragrace (Top Gear) HQ
At this time - Jaguar XJS with nitro gonna dragrace with worlds fastests supercars! Does old XJS win or will be the last? Let's see... Subscribe if you liked this ...

Nissan GT-R versus Jaguar F-Type R AWD Coupé Drag Race
Subscribe to the channel now: We like fast coupés a lot on Autocar, and two of our current favourites are the Jaguar F-type R AWD and ...

Drag race- BMW M5 v Porsche Panamera S v Mercedes E63 AMG v Jaguar XFR - evo exclusive
The new F10 BMW M5 takes on the Mercedes E63, Jaguar XFR and Porsche Panamera in a video drag race. Watch Audi RS6 v RS4 v Nissan GT-R: ...

Jaguar Enthusiasts Club XJs Championship Race.

1984 Jaguar XJS racing - Salzburgring.
A short clip about the TWR Jaguar XJS group A racing effort from the Austrian round of the 1984 ETCC series.

Jaguar xjs @snetterton 19/09/2015 race 1 pre83
Classic touring car racing club Autoglym Pre 83 touring cars Jaguar xjs 3.6 class A Snetterton 300 circuit 888 tyre 225/50-16.

2015 Mustang GT vs 2016 Jaguar F-Type R Performance Mashup Review & Drag Race ) The 2015 Mustang GT and the Jaguar F-Type don't compete head to head but they both aspire to be good sports cars. We find out ...

Jaguar XJS || 1200HP TOP SPEED BUILD || Forza 6
Today we build the Jaguar XJS and hopefully learn to pronounce it right as well! After putting in a massive 6.0L V12 that makes 1200HP we find out if this car is ...