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Jaguar XJ220 Drag Race

Jaguar XJ220-S - Drag Races, Startup and Convoy!
One of the highlight cars at the 2013 Wilton Classic and Supercars was this stunning yellow Jaguar XJ220-S. One of just 6 XJ220-S cars developed by TWR with ...

Nitrous oxide Jaguar XJS drag race - Top Gear - BBC
Can an old, clapped out £250 Jaguar XJS beat a host of supercars in a drag race? Its chances are dramatically improved if you strap a couple of canisters of ...

Jaguar XK R-S vs. Jaguar XJ220 - Fifth Gear
Back in 1994, the Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest road car in the world. Tiff decides to race it's against Jaguars new model, the Jaguar XK R-S. First in a drag race, ...

ferrari f50 and jag xj220 no 2
jaguar xj220 doing top speed down runway and great images of ferrari f50 on runway, you can see these great cars at the fox classic car collection in Melbourne.

Top Gear Live 2011 - Jaguar XJ220 v's XKRS Drag Race
Top Gear Live Birmingham 2011 Drag race between the Jaguar XJ220 and the new Jaguar XKRS.

E-Type in drag race
Clip from' She's Out Of Control'. Worth watching through to the end - very funny!

Jaguar XJ220 - Start up + Revs!
I've filmed a Jaguar XJ220 during a good cause event in The Netherlands. As you can see this car has only 2900km (1800 miles) on the clock. The very rare ...

Jaguar XJ220S - The 700bhp Twin-Turbo Monster!
This specific car is very familiar to my channel, so I have a hell of a lot of footage of it so I thought I'd make a little compilation of the best bits! This specific car is ...

JAGUAR XJ220 | 1 of 281 - REVIEW and LOUD SOUND 2015 HQ
Hoping you liked the video and that you want Share, Like and Comment to give me the opporunity improve myself. RECORDED IN SPRING 2015: April, 18th ...

XJS drag.MPG
My Jaguar XJS race car at a RWYB drag race.

Jaguar XJ220 + Bugatti EB110 + Lamborghini Diablo SV + Lotus Carlton
Three massive supercars from the 90's get held up by a Lotus Carlton at the London Classic car show.