Isuzu Stylus Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

isuzu stylus burnout win at NTI drag!
My stylus winning!!!

1991 isuzu drag race
1991 isuzu drag race.

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo part 2

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo
my friends Stylus turbo.

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo part 3
stylus turbo pull.

PITL 2011 #4 - Isuzu Stylus #3

Isuzu Stylus Turbo vs MR2 Turbo Sunshine Speedway 7-17-2010

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo part 4

Isuzu Stylus doing reverse muddy donuts pt. 2
Aamir doing reverse muddy donuts part two.

Suzuki isuzu Stylus
Blue Beast.

Driving the Stylus back
My friend and I bringing the isuzu stylus to Montreal, Quebec after buying it in Toronto

Cold Start and Run 93 Isuzu Stylus
93 Isuzu Stylus Cold start and Run. The squeal is the Throw out baring going bad, need to get it and the clutch replaced.