Isuzu Stylus Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

isuzu stylus burnout win at NTI drag!
My stylus winning!!!

Isuzu Stylus Turbo vs MR2 Turbo Sunshine Speedway 7-17-2010

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo part 4

1991 isuzu drag race
1991 isuzu drag race.

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo part 2

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo
my friends Stylus turbo.

nti drag smith vs magnum srt8
one bad ass magnum.

1991 Isuzu Impulse wagonback - private road take 2
Second video of me driving my blue wagonback... and note : I'm not really serious about doing a race car with this... Well, I was saying "don't do this at home" ...

Honda vs isuzu
Honda vs isuzu.

Aamir's Stylus
Aamir's Isuzu Stylus Video compilation.

91 Isuzu Stylus Turbo part 3
stylus turbo pull.

Isuzu vs honda