Infiniti Q45 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1991 Infiniti Q45 drag racing.
Making a 1/4 mile pass in my stock Q45 at Pacific Raceways in Kent WA.

built infiniti Q45 Race Autocross test.
build log:]

infiniti Q45 track MONSTER!
This is the Speed Stop Challenge. SD Custom Paint did paint, 1995 q45, stock 200k miles engine, 5-speed conversion, Xcessive suspension, BC coil-overs, ...

Q45 drag w/NOS!
Infiniti Q45 drag racing against Subie WRX at Barona.

Infiniti Q45 barrel race
San Diego Club Racing Series Gymkhana #3 8/7/11.

drag q45 scene 3

secors / emance drag q45 scene 2

secors / emance drag q45

infiniti q45 vs gmc envoy
me ('93 q45) vs drag (envoy) three races.

Drift session interrupted by police, Q45 & Miata
Just tearing up some tires on private property :) I drove my 5-speed q45 (no ebrake, blown viscous diff, and bone stock open diff miata first round, Rolando drove ...

Q45 Vs 5 0 Mustang Round 1

q45 dirt launch
starting in 1st and going into 2nd, no traction the entire time of course.