Infiniti Q45 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

1991 Infiniti Q45 drag racing.
Making a 1/4 mile pass in my stock Q45 at Pacific Raceways in Kent WA.

Q45 drag w/NOS!
Infiniti Q45 drag racing against Subie WRX at Barona.

built infiniti Q45 Race Autocross test.
build log:]

infiniti Q45 track MONSTER!
This is the Speed Stop Challenge. SD Custom Paint did paint, 1995 q45, stock 200k miles engine, 5-speed conversion, Xcessive suspension, BC coil-overs, ...

drag q45 scene 3

infiniti q45 vs gmc envoy
me ('93 q45) vs drag (envoy) three races.

secors / emance drag q45

secors / emance drag q45 scene 2

1991 Infiniti Q45, 7500 rpm's Extreme action
going ape shit in the 273 hp infiniti Q45.

Drift session interrupted by police, Q45 & Miata
Just tearing up some tires on private property :) I drove my 5-speed q45 (no ebrake, blown viscous diff, and bone stock open diff miata first round, Rolando drove ...

Claud picks up Infiniti Q45 Drift Yacht
Kyle wasn't the only one inspired from the Lock City half day drift event. Claud was also inspired so when he saw this amazing deal on this q45 we just had to go ...

1991 Infiniti Q45 Dyno
My 91 Infiniti Q45 getting dyno'd. All it has is a Stillen intake and a rear muffler delete. I installed a NICO ecu thats suppose to make good hp #'s but in all ...