Infiniti Q45 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

infiniti Q45 track MONSTER!
This is the Speed Stop Challenge. SD Custom Paint did paint, 1995 q45, stock 200k miles engine, 5-speed conversion, Xcessive suspension, BC coil-overs, ...

built infiniti Q45 Race Autocross test.
build log:]

Q45 drag w/NOS!
Infiniti Q45 drag racing against Subie WRX at Barona.

1991 Infiniti Q45 drag racing.
Making a 1/4 mile pass in my stock Q45 at Pacific Raceways in Kent WA.

Infiniti Q45 barrel race
San Diego Club Racing Series Gymkhana #3 8/7/11.

drag q45 scene 3

[HOONIGAN] DT 071: Infiniti Q45 VIP Drift Sedan On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Fred Lump Lump, SoCal drift veteran, shows up with his VIP-inspired drift Q45. Fred also ...

infiniti q45 vs gmc envoy
me ('93 q45) vs drag (envoy) three races.

q45 dirt launch
starting in 1st and going into 2nd, no traction the entire time of course.

secors / emance drag q45 scene 2

1991 Infiniti Q45, 7500 rpm's Extreme action
going ape shit in the 273 hp infiniti Q45.

Q45 Vs 5 0 Mustang Round 1