Infiniti M35 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Infiniti M35 turbo Vs Camaro Infiniti M35 turbo Vs Camaro.

M35 twin turbo and 350z twin turbo quarter Mile Drag

2014 Infiniti Q50S vs Chevy SS Mashup Drag Race: V-6 vs V8 smack-down Part 1 ) The 2014 Infiniti Q50S is a very fast sedan with a 3.7L rev-happy 3.7L V-6 engine. The new Chevy SS sedan should be even faster with ...

Chris Forsberg's Infiniti M35 Drift Car
Chris Forsberg's Infiniti M35 Drift Car at Irwindale Speedway at XDC 2011.

M35X vs Ferrari
The ferrari didn't stand a chance.

525hp+ Turbo Infiniti G35 vs. 510hp C6 Corvette
Top Dawg Racing Event Hendersonville, NC Hendersonville Airstrip May 20th 2010 forged performance.

2006 GTO vs 2007 Infiniti M45
Pontiac GTO 1/4 Mile Time: 12.97 @ 118.25 vs Infiniti M45 1/4 Mile Time : 15.16 @ 92.59 The 2005 model year continued with standard hood scoops, split rear ...

Infinity G35 vs Honda Civic SI
This is a cool video of a Honda Civic SI and an Infinity G35 drag racing at Import Face Off. Import Face Off is a national event held at many drag strips across the ...

Lexus GS430 & Infiniti M45 vs Cadillac CTS-V - Best motoring International
Go to for more car videos and content. Gan san takes two Japanese V8 models on track at Willow Springs and compares the two with the ...

infiniti G35 sedan twin turbo
469 HP 406 Torque to the wheels.

Заезд Инфинити М35 и Фольксвагена Джетта
Drag race: Инфинити М35 на чипе и ФВ Джетта (сток) Инфинити М35: мотор 3.4л, мощность 280л.с, момент 366 н/м, АКПП-5, полный...

G37 vs Mustang GT
G37 : Test pipes only Mustang GT : exhaust and unknown This was computer generated.