Infiniti I30 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

04/02/16 nissan altima vs. Infiniti I30
Nissan Altima vs Infiniti I30. I30 won this race.

02 Maxima vs Mustang GT
mods for maxima: intake, block off plate (autotragic)

Infiniti G20 Turbo vs Subaru STI 23psi Drag Race 1/4 mile
Infiniti G20 not tuned yet GTX3076R 20psi on low cam lobes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subaru STI exhaust, Turbo, FMIC, Big pipe kit,...

Nissan Maxima Vs Tranz Am Drag Racing NJ Aug 24,2008 RacewayPark New Jersey Etown.

Infinity I30 vs Neon race
Infinity I30 vs Plymoth Neon..Neon Wins!!!

infiniti i30 99 MT-headers,cold air intake.doing over 140mph
high speed is everything to me. i swap AT to MT.

Infiniti dragracing
Infiniti drag racing at Summit Motorsports Park on a Wednesday night in Norwalk Ohio.

maxima 1/4 mile drag racing
Me @ the track racing. Last race is my friend in the pickup truck. 1st race- the max loses to a killer pickup with v8 2nd race- maxima smokes a mercedes compressor 3rd race- maxima smokes...

Q45 drag w/NOS!
Infiniti Q45 drag racing against Subie WRX at Barona.

Drag Race 3 - Infinity G20 vs Infinity G35 Supercharged

Infiniti i30 open Y-pipe
Before me and my friend got the exhaust mounted.

i30 vs Maxima