Infiniti G20 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Infiniti G20 Turbo vs Subaru STI 23psi Drag Race 1/4 mile
Infiniti G20 not tuned yet GTX3076R 20psi on low cam lobes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subaru STI exhaust, Turbo, FMIC, Big ...

Drag Race 3 - Infinity G20 vs Infinity G35 Supercharged

Saturn SC2 Vs. Infiniti G20 Race
Like my Facebook page:!/ManusFilms Website: Saturn SC2 Vs. Infiniti G20 doing a small race.

nissan 200sx se-r vrs infiniti G20
A race between 2 sr20de with some modifications.

2002 Infiniti G20 Automatic Turbo 13PSI Transgo Shift Kit
Turned the car up to 13psi with the FIC8 integrated boost by RPM. 800more miles and the tranny will have 10000 miles since the turbo and shift kit install.

2002 Infiniti G20 Automatic with shift kit 9PSI
Stock 2002 G20 with the following Avenir W11 BB T2 Turbo and manifold (9psi actuator) 3" SS downpipe 99' G20 full size cat 27x10x3 intercooler 2.5" ...

2002 Infiniti G20 VQ35DE Turbo (GT4088) 4 PSI Highway pull 4th gear.
02 G20 Sport VQ35DE Turbo. GT4088 1.34 A/R test (4 psi) . Car weight 2980 , Two people in car (both 240 pounds) Soon to be .85 Housing running 8 psi.

How to replace Nissan Primera spark plugs. Also Infiniti G20
How to replace Nissan Primera spark plugs. Also Infiniti G20.

99 infiniti G20 Street Run
Street Run *No racing in this clip* sorry. digi cam quality. friend didnt finish filming the whole run.

1999 Infiniti G20 6 speed 2871R spec turbo 9psi 1st Dyno
My first dyno pull to see where the car is at. (198.8HP - 211.9tq) The car is completely stock except the following: 2871R spec journal bearing turbo, 500cc ...

2002 Infiniti G20 Automatic Avenir Turbo 9psi First Start
Got fluids in the G this weekend and it started right up. Completely stock except a W11 Avenir turbo setup 9psi with 3" downpipe and a 99' cat converter. Also a ...

Phormula KS4 in the Infiniti G20
Getting ready to tune the car with a Phormula KS4 and AEM wideband. Also tuning with AEM FIC. 1999 SR20DE Engine is completely stock except 500cc ...